Using Dedicated Servers to Solve Remote Working Challenges

January 2021

Due to COVID-19, many companies have had no choice but to shift their operations to a work-from-home format. While this has been a smooth transition for some, many businesses have struggled with security and logistical issues as a result of the change.

If your organization is dealing with common work-from-home challenges, all hope is not lost. Dedicated server hosting offers solutions to a variety of problems. Plus, investing in a dedicated server now will set you up for success down the road as life begins to return to normal.

Security Challenges of Working Remotely

There are a number of inherent security concerns that arise when you transition employees to work-from-home roles. These issues begin with the internet connection that your workers use to access company data. Unfortunately, relying on your employees’ home internet connections poses several significant security risks. Even if their networks are secured with a password, they still might not be as secure as your workplace connection. As a result, your business could fall victim to a data breach that harms not only your bottom line but your reputation, too.

Additionally, because many work-from-home employees use their own personal computers, there is always the potential for viruses and other malware. This can become a major problem if an employee accesses sensitive company data from an infected device.

Logistical Challenges of Working Remotely

In addition to the wide range of security concerns that come along with temporary remote positions, there are a variety of logistical challenges your business may be facing as well. Many companies, for example, are finding that their workers’ at-home internet connections simply cannot keep up with daily demands. Unexpected network downtime and high latency can make video conference calls and other work tasks frustrating to carry out.

How a Dedicated Hosting Plan Can Help

With all this in mind, it makes sense that many companies have made the switch to dedicated hosting plans. This is because dedicated servers provide solutions to many of the security and logistical challenges of moving employees to remote roles.

Here are just a few ways businesses can use dedicated servers to streamline their work-from-home operations:

  • Unrivaled Speed and Reliability – Dedicated servers offer high speeds and low latency, so employees working remotely can enjoy fewer disruptions.
  • Data Backups – Because security concerns increase as employees utilize their home internet connections, it’s important to back up your company’s data frequently. That way, if you fall victim to a ransomware attack, you’ll be able to recover your information quickly.
  • Encryption Options – Of course, it’s not enough to prepare for the aftermath of a security breach; you have to take precautions to prevent one, too. Dedicated servers make this easy by providing a variety of robust encryption options for your data.
  • Lower Risk of Downtime – If your business’s website or employee portals are inaccessible, your productivity and bottom line could suffer. Luckily, many dedicated hosting plans offer 100% uptime service level guarantees that ensure your server remains functional at all times.

Dedicated Server Hosting from ReliableSite

If your organization is looking to make the switch to a dedicated server host, ReliableSite offers everything you need for a smooth transition. Furthermore, all of our hosting plans are completely customizable to suit your company’s changing needs. Contact us today to explore our services or to find out more about how a dedicated server can help your company thrive during these challenging times.