What is a Windows Server?

May 2014

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Windows might be the most well-known operating system, which means that a Windows server is a great choice for stable service, as well as a familiar look and feel.

When choosing Microsoft’s Windows for your server it is important to know that it will support your business’s needs. Someone who has not previously worked with a Windows server might be pleased to discover the potential in its exclusive features. These include ASP, the IIS web server and the extensive support that comes with Microsoft software. The interface is also easier to master compared to Linux. It’s similar to the Windows platform available for personal computers.

Why Choose a Windows Server?

It’s more than just the physical hardware. Microsoft has a long-standing history for producing operating systems. Though the cost is higher compared to its competition, businesses and individuals continue to use Windows on dedicated servers. One big reason is that the price comes with constant updates, patches, and support for all products. Even if you are working with an unmanaged dedicated server, there will be some support available from Microsoft should you need it.

Benefits of Windows Servers

If you’re running a Windows server you can use IIS (Internet Information Services). It is only available from Microsoft and is used by about 17% of the web server market. If you’re building a web server for hosting websites, supporting email, or another popular use, you’ll need IIS to access all of those web-based clients. Though Windows server can run Apache, IIS does not work on other operating systems. The fact that there are choices on Windows, including Microsoft’s own programs is a benefit.

Microsoft also has its own server-side languages: ASP and ASP.NET. The second is a newer version though they are compatible. Both are exclusive to Windows. Again, you can use any compatible language on your web server, but these two are only accessible with Microsoft products.

In general there are some similarities between Windows and Linux dedicated hosting, but Microsoft products are only compatible with their native system. This means that a Windows server has many reliable/standard options available whether you are running a web server or storing data.

There are several reasons to consider Windows dedicated hosting over others, including if you are comfortable with Windows-based applications. Businesses that already use the operating system and its applications might find the transition to a dedicated server much easier.

Your Windows licenses will include technical support from Microsoft should you need to alter your operating system or upgrade. For owners of unmanaged dedicated servers, it may be the most valuable Microsoft service.