Dedicated Servers of the Future: Why SSDs are Poised to Take Over

July 2020

For decades, hard disk drives (HDDs) have been the standard when it comes to hard drive storage, both on personal computers and dedicated servers. In recent years, however, solid state drives (SSDs) have become increasingly popular – and for good reason. Combine the many benefits of solid state drives with recent advancements in this technology, and it’s easy to see why SSDs are truly the dedicated server hardware of the future.

SSD vs. HDD Storage

When setting up a dedicated server, you’ll have two distinct storage choices – a solid state drive or a hard disk drive. ReliableSite is proud to offer both options to users, allowing them to choose which type of storage they would like to add to their hosting account. While there are a variety of differences between SSDs and HDDs, the main characteristic that sets a solid state drive apart is its lack of moving parts. Unlike hard disk drives, which have to spin to retrieve data, solid state drives are exactly that – solid, with no mobile components. This results in faster performance, lower power consumption, less noise, and more.

Are SSDs the Future of Dedicated Server Storage?

For years, solid state drives weren’t the most practical option for most dedicated servers. This is primarily due to their high price tag and low storage capacity. However, recent developments in SSD technology have made them more efficient and affordable than ever. For example, the data density of solid state drives has increased significantly, and more bytes are now able to be stored on a smaller surface area. This cuts down on the amount of physical space needed within a dedicated hosting company data center and makes solid state drives more cost-effective than they’ve been in the past.

The introduction of a new two-dimensional magnetic reading system for SSDs is also significant and will likely make SSDs the storage choice for future dedicated servers. Specifically, this technology makes it possible to read data from a solid state drive from several tracks at the same time. Solid state drives were already faster at retrieving data than HDDs, but this new technology makes them more stable and effective.

Benefits of SSDs for Your Dedicated Server

Advancements in SSD technology are paving the way for this type of storage to be the norm for dedicated servers and other applications. And as SSDs become more widespread, it’s expected that costs will decrease, making it one of the most cost-effective storage options available.

The many benefits of using solid state drive storage for a dedicated server make it easy to see why so many administrators are opting for this technology. Solid state drives ultimately provide faster retrieval (which means less lag for your users), improved efficiency, and less maintenance (because there are no moving parts).

Ready to Set Up Your Dedicated Server? ReliableSite Can Help

At ReliableSite, we anticipate that SSDs are the way of the future for dedicated server storage. Still, we’re happy to continue offering dedicated server hosting with both SSD and traditional HDD storage options.

Not sure which is best for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Our expert team will help you assess your needs and determine which storage option meets your budget and specifications.