Why Our Gaming Servers Rank at the Top

July 2019

Do you want a server that can support all of your gaming needs? Our gaming servers provide all of the essentials for your latest Minecraft, MMORPG, or development server. Whether you’re interested in just playing a few games with your friends, or you want to build a truly large and persistent world, we have a server that’s perfect for you.

Here are some of the major ways in which our gaming servers are at the top of the leaderboard.

The Most Powerful Servers for the Most Demanding Games

Our dedicated gaming servers can support everything from MMORPGs to Battle Royale-style games. Whether you’re interested in playing Minecraft or deploying an FPS multiplayer experience, we have rigs with the hardware to match. We have designed our gaming servers from the ground up to provide high performance, low latency, and the best  reliability.

Our advanced technology can handle even extremely large games, making it possible to run large, online realms. This is perfect for companies that are interested in deploying their own game technology, or those who simply want to run their own large servers for existing games. As your world grows, you can upgrade your technology and deploy additional resources.

Play at Any Time with Our Dedicated Gaming Server Hosting Service

With our servers, your server environment never goes down. Play Minecraft 24/7 with your friends and watch your world evolve or jump into a match with your international friends at any time. Our dedicated hosting service is easier and more stable than setting up a server at home, giving you the advanced technology you need to connect to your friends.

A dedicated gaming server provides resources to only your game so that you aren’t sharing resources to other servers. You have a choice between three data center locations so you can decide what’s best for your game. You get low latency, which means that you’re seeing exactly the same game that your friends are seeing – and your bullets will never lag, whether they’re hit scan or projectile. Get better performance now through our dedicated hosting service.

Never Drop a Game with Superior Reliability and Uptime

Never lose a match again due to lost connection. Our servers provide superior levels of uptime, so you can be certain that your game runs without a hitch. We understand the frustration of potentially losing progress just because your connection to your server goes down. That’s why we guarantee our uptime and provide only the best technology.

And if you do experience issues, our responsive help desk will be able to answer your questions, providing best-in-class technical support.

Control Your World with Full Administrative Access

We offer servers that have full administrative access and controls, so you can tailor your gaming experience to your desires. Install the versions of the game that you want to play, make modifications to the configuration files, and control the permissions of the other users. Your world is yours to build: we just maintain it.

With Minecraft servers especially, there is an intense amount of configuration involved, depending on the world that you want to create. MMORPGs, FPSs, and other types of servers may also have unique customization and configuration options, all of which are open to you.

Are you interested in deploying the best gaming server? Do you want to start up a new world with your friends? You can get started today with a quote from ReliableSite.