Why HDDs Aren’t Dead Yet

May 2023

For storage drives, you have two options, hard disk drives HDDs or solid state drives SSDs. In recent years, SSDs have received a lot of attention for their fast retrieval abilities and low failure rate. In many ways, HDDs (which used to be the gold standard for computer storage) have fallen by the wayside to SSDs.

However, before you discount HDDs entirely, there are some situations where it may make more sense to choose an HDD over an SSD.

Yes, SSDs Are the Future

First, this isn’t to say that SSDs aren’t the superior option in most circumstances. When SSD technology was first introduced, it was a lot more expensive than HDD storage – and it had a lot of space limitations. However, the storage capacity for these drives has increased while prices have decreased, making them a much more popular option when compared to SSDs.

Meanwhile, SSDs tend to offer a faster retrieval of files, reducing lag. And because there are no moving parts on an SSD, the potential for failure is low.

Why are HDDs Important?

It’s important to understand that the HDD is far from dead. In fact, there are still many potential uses for this type of drive.

Specifically, in situations where the need for ample storage outweighs the need for faster retrieval, HDDs will continue to win over SSDs. That’s because although the cost of SSD storage has decreased (and continues to do so), it is still many times more expensive than HDD storage. Likewise, there is no sign that SSD costs will drop down enough anytime soon for this type of storage to be as affordable as HDD storage.

With this in mind, those who need to store large amounts of data securely and affordably will continue to use HDD storage. And with more data being stored today than ever before, the need for HDD storage options will likely increase slightly as SSD technology and pricing struggles to keep up.

Get HDD or SSD Storage With a ReliableSite Server

So, are HDDs obsolete? Not yet, and probably not any time soon. As long as people need a way to store large amounts of data cost-effectively, there will always be a demand for HDDs.

At ReliableSite, we offer dedicated servers with both HDD and SSD storage options so that you can choose what best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for an SSD or HDD storage server, we’ve got you covered with affordable pricing, secure data centers, and a wide range of features to help you make the most out of your account.

The future of hard disk drives isn’t as dire as some would lead you to believe. Contact the ReliableSite team today for help in choosing the right storage option for your hosting plan.