Four Reasons Why Banking Companies Need Dedicated Servers

October 2019

Banks and financial institutions face unique and pressing challenges in today’s increasingly web-based world. It seems as though major financial institutions are falling victim to web attacks and data breaches on a regular basis – emphasizing the need for more secure web hosting options.

Couple this with the strict federal regulations that are already in place when it comes to storing client data and it’s easy to see that choosing a dedicated web server hosting plan is so important for banking companies.

If your bank or financial institution isn’t already using a dedicated server, now is the time to make the switch – here’s why:

1. Increased Security

Perhaps the best reason to choose dedicated server web hosting is the unrivaled data security it delivers. A dedicated server provides your banking institution with security standards that no other hosting option can.

Dedicated servers are hosted inside secure data centers, many of which are staffed with security personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A dedicated server will also have video surveillance and strict access control of individual server bays — from unique key cards to biometric scanning. In addition, it’s logical to expect today’s hosting companies to have upgraded virtual  security measures (like standard DDoS protection and data back-ups), which makes it easier for you to meet and even exceed today’s high financial institution security standards. Although the level of security can vary, it is something vital to ask a potential hosting provider about.

Also ask your data center host about its national certifications. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a must for any business offering credit card transactions.

2. Higher Load Capacity

When you choose a dedicated server for your online banking site, you (and your users) also enjoy a higher load capacity. This can improve your overall user experience, which is beneficial for your company’s reputation. Dedicated servers also allow for 100% allocation of resources to your banking site, as opposed to shared servers (which require you to share resources with other businesses).

3. Improved Optimization

Many online banking websites experience high traffic, often at unpredictable times throughout the month. This is where a dedicated server can really come in handy, as this hosting solution allows for the optimization of resources. This ensures that your users enjoy a seamless experience on your site regardless of when they try to access it.

With shared hosting and other solutions, your users could experience lag or slow page-loading times when many other users are trying to access the site at once. This is something you won’t have to worry about with a dedicated server.

4. Higher SLA

Dedicated hosting companies also tend to offer service level agreements (SLA), so you can have peace of mind when it comes to the smooth operation of your banking website. For example, a hosting company may offer a 100% service level agreement for things like electricity and cooling. This means that there are redundancies in place to reduce the chances of your server ever going down. This allows you to provide your users with a more consistent banking experience.

Today’s online banking users employ more scrutiny than ever before when choosing a financial institution to trust with their data. This is why all banking and financial institutions should have dedicated hosting in place; doing so can help you meet today’s high banking cybersecurity standards and provide your users with the online banking security they demand.

To find out more about the many benefits of dedicated hosting or to begin setting up your online banking website’s dedicated hosting plan, contact the knowledgeable and friendly team at ReliableSite. We offer a wide range of dedicated hosting options to suit your needs!