What Is Zorin OS? Is It Worth Trying?

October 2023

Feeling overwhelmed in your search for the right operating system? Perhaps you’re unhappy with your current Linux distro. Maybe you’re thinking about making the switch from Windows or MacOS, but are feeling intimidated by the Linux platform. Regardless of where you’re at in your search for the right operating system, Zorin OS may be worth a look.

More About Zorin OS

Specifically, Zorin OS is a distribution available for the open-source Linux operating system. As of May 2022, it is among the top 10 most popular Linux distros available. For those who are new to Linux or are hesitant about making the switch, Zorin OS can be a great starting point due to its user-friendly and familiar design. Based on Ubuntu, this distro offers an interface that is reminiscent of Windows but offers the unrivaled customization and enhanced security of the Linux platform.

There are three versions of Zorin OS available, ranging from Lite to Pro. These versions differ in their standard features, with all options including the popular LibreOffice Suite and standard desktop layouts. Features like installation support, advanced productivity software, and premium desktop layouts are available on the Pro version only.

Potential Benefits of Using Zorin

So, is Zorin OS good? There are many potential advantages of making the switch from your current Linux distro (or Windows/MacOS) to this option. Many newcomers, for instance, love the ease of use that comes along with the Zorin OS platform. For those who are used to the menu bars, start menus, and similar features found on a Windows or MacOS machine, this will make the transition much smoother.

Meanwhile, Zorin OS offers plenty of customization options so users can get the most out of their operating system. In addition to a variety of theme options available, users can fully customize the appearance of their desktop and much more in ways that you simply cannot on a “traditional” operating system.

Last but not least, because Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu, it comes with all the benefits of an Ubuntu system including an APT package manager and a variety of apps.

Potential Pitfalls to Consider

While there are many benefits to trying Zorin OS as an alternative to other Linux distributions, there are some possible drawbacks to consider as well. For starters, installing the software on a machine can be challenging if you haven’t worked with the Linux OS in the past. Fortunately, the Pro version of Zorin OS does include installation support – which may be worth having if you don’t feel 100% confident in your abilities.

Likewise, even though Zorin OS is considered one of the most user-friendly Linux distros available, there can still be a bit of a learning curve. With this in mind, you may still run into some obstacles as you adjust.

Is Zorin OS Right For You?

The Linux Zorin OS is a popular distribution option for many newcomers to Linux, and for good reason. Looking for a dedicated Linux server to meet your hosting needs? ReliableSite has you covered, so reach out today to get started!