Could Quantum Cryptography Be the Future of Encryption?

August 2020

In today’s digital world, there is a seemingly endless race to develop new protections against the latest cyber-threats. Unfortunately, these solutions often end up being short-lived, as hackers are quick to find loopholes and other ways to implement their attacks.

Currently, organizations and even governments across the globe are striving to build the first “quantum computer,” which would be able to significantly improve web security through the use of quantum cryptography. So, what does this all mean for those who currently rely on dedicated server hosting and basic security protocols to keep their important information safe? Let’s take a closer look at quantum cryptography and how it may affect web security in the future.

What Is Quantum Cryptography?

In its simplest terms, quantum cryptography applies key principles of quantum mechanics to optimize data encryption. With quantum cryptography, messages and data could be encrypted so that the only person able to read it would be its intended recipient.

Of course, a computer powerful enough to utilize quantum cryptography does not yet exist –which is why many governments and organizations are rushing to develop this type of device. Once this is done, the impact on cybersecurity promises to be extreme.

How Quantum Cryptography Can Protect Against Cyberattacks

When we look to the future of quantum encryption, one of the first and perhaps most promising applications is to secure information. Quantum computers will be able to encrypt sensitive data in such a way that its key cannot be cracked. As you can imagine, this type of technology could significantly cut down on data breaches and other information leaks that wreak havoc on organizations each year.

On the flip side, however, quantum cryptology could also be used to decrypt data more quickly than ever before. Tasks that might have taken the “average” computer hours to complete in the past may take just minutes for a quantum computer to tackle.

Potential Dangers of Using Quantum Cryptography

In theory, quantum encryption methods are completely unhackable, which would be great news for organizations and governments that need to protect sensitive data and files on a daily basis. Still, there are many reasons to be cautious about the introduction of quantum computers and their widespread use.

Unfortunately, quantum cryptography will not signal the end of hacking and data breaches as we know it. This is because hackers will likely find another means of getting the information they need. For example, when messages or data needs to travel across longer distances, hackers may still be able to attack weak points. So, while quantum cryptography and quantum computers could significantly improve web security, there will always be loopholes that hackers could take advantage of.

The Bottom Line

It’s promising to see the future of quantum encryption and the many ways it can improve data security. However, because this technology is nowhere near complete, it’s still imperative to invest in current cybersecurity solutions.

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