What is a Linux Server?

May 2014

For customers who are looking to run a server on a free and highly customizable operating system, ReliableSite offers Linux servers.

Linux is a popular operating system for everything from the gadgets you have in your pocket to the New York Stock Exchange, and of course, for its primary use on servers. Since its creation in the early 1990’s, Linux has become widely used and frequently improved thanks to a community working together on open source software. Linux is currently the most popular server operating system, even over Windows. Whether you’re hosting online games or storing data for a business, Linux can work for you.

Why Choose a Linux Server?

Linux is frequently used for dedicated hosting because of its flexibility. It is compatible with most hardware, including that which supports Windows and Mac. Unmanaged servers, or those that allow full root access, go hand-in-hand with hosting on Linux. It’s a great option for anyone who prefers to do their research and find the right options for applications and customization.

The Benefits of a Linux Server

Linux hosting is possible on a wide range of servers, from the most basic to those with the most RAM. If your business is already running on Linux, it’s easy to transition to a new server. You can either install your own Linux operating system using the provided KVM over IP interface or have a ReliableSite technician complete the task on your behalf.

Additionally, there are many tutorials and forums available for those who choose to modify code or applications. Linux source code is available online. ReliableSite customers have on-site technicians to install their preferred version of the operating system.

There are several flavors of Linux including: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, RedHat and Ubuntu. CentOS and Ubuntu are the most widely used versions for dedicated servers. When using a web server, the most common setup is LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) with cPanel. If you’re looking to split the machine into multiple virtual servers, Xen and KVM will work well with Linux. They are both free and open source options. These technologies can also be combined with SolusVM (http://www.solusvm.com/) to sell virtual private servers.

Another favorite use is for massive multiplayer online game. If your game server-of-choice supports Linux, it can be cost-effective for a game hosting provider. Many popular communities such as Minecraft, Counterstrike, and Call of Duty run efficiently on a Linux server.

Most types of Linux operating systems are available free of charge through open source software, which contributes to its wide use. All ReliableSite dedicated hosting customers have root access and control of all resources on their unmanaged Linux server. The Linux operating system works well with customization, and pairs with our internal panel as well.

Though a Linux server can vary between users, each one has the capability to support your specific vision.