What the Titanfall DDoS Fiasco Tells Us About Dedicated Servers

January 2022

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have been a problem in the online gaming industry for years. Unfortunately, the popular game Titanfall has been no exception. This multiplayer game has seen its share of issues throughout the years, with DDoS vulnerabilities causing servers to crash and disconnect users from gameplay.

Titanfall’s history of ongoing DDoS vulnerabilities can serve as a cautionary tale of sorts, demonstrating an increasing need for functional gaming servers across the industry.

A History of Trouble

For years after its launch, Titanfall enjoyed a relatively successful reception. In 2014, it was even considered to be one of the best multiplayer shooting games online. Unfortunately, this success was relatively short-lived. In 2019, Titanfall began experiencing serious issues when hackers discovered major security vulnerabilities on the server. As a result, ongoing instances of coordinated DDoS attacks took the Titanfall server down and booted players from their games.

Unfortunately, these attacks have not stopped since. DDoS attacks have continued to affect Titanfall’s servers, and many players have even commented that the game has become “unplayable” because of these security issues. 

In April of 2021, Respawn Entertainment assured its players via Twitter that “help is coming ASAP” to the Titanfall community. However, it would appear that no real action has been taken as of May 2021. If Respawn doesn’t do something to protect their servers soon, there’s a good chance that Titanfall will lose many of its frustrated players.

The Need for Functional Gaming Servers

The issue with these Titanfall servers has exemplified the need for gaming companies to have secure, reliable, and functional servers available to their players at all times. Online gamers are beginning to switch back to console games when their online/streaming services are not delivering a good experience, as has been the case with many Titanfall players. More than ever, gaming/streaming services need to implement cybersecurity solutions that will keep their servers online and protect their paying customers from DDoS and other attacks that can affect the gaming experience.

How a Dedicated Server Can Help

So, what is the best kind of hosting plan for preventing DDoS attacks and keeping your gaming experience going smoothly? A dedicated server! This type of server provides unrivaled security and reliability, even in an attempted DDoS attack. 

Some dedicated hosting solutions, such as those from the ReliableSite dedicated server host, offer free standard DDoS protection for added peace of mind. This works by essentially “filtering” through web traffic before it reaches the server and denies any requests from legitimate sources. This can stop a DDoS attack in its tracks. In addition to free standard protection against DDoS attacks of up to 10 Gbps, ReliableSite servers offer additional protection that can be purchased as needed for attacks up to 100 Gbps.

From dedicated gaming servers to dedicated servers for websites and other organizations, ReliableSite has solutions to suit your needs. Contact us today to explore our dedicated hosting plans and additional cybersecurity tips you can implement to keep your site running as smoothly as possible!