SysAdmin Appreciation | Dedicated Server Hosting

July 2015

SysAdmin Appreciation Day

If you clicked on this link, you might be the system administrator (a.k.a. “sysadmin”) of a dedicated server. We just want let you know that we appreciate everything that you do! We also know that our customers act as their own sysadmins on our unmanaged dedicated servers. They are the ones who interact with our employees, and who we want to support today. We’ve put together a list of our five most popular system administration posts to do just that.

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Moving Gears – System Administration

How can you improve System Administration on a Dedicated Server?

1. Speed up your Website by Optimizing Apache, MySQL and PHP

The most read post on our blog focuses on the server-side code improvements that can be made by system administrators.

2. Setup Multiple Minecraft Servers on 1 IP

It’s no surprise that sysadmins like this detailed post about funneling different Minecraft servers onto one IP. We outline how to set up SRV records and avoid the headache of new users getting lost!

3. Use Spigot for Minecraft on your Dedicated Server

It’s simple: Spigot is a program that makes Minecraft administration on dedicated servers easier. You can’t go wrong with this one.

4. Use Database Administration Programs

This system administration blog post breaks down the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of popular database administration tools (like phpMyAdmin and mySQL). Find out which database admin software has the best interface for your operating system.

5. Reduce Bandwidth

Last but not least, we have tips for you to reduce your dedicated server’s bandwidth use. We suggest you outsource your images and video, or optimize your code, among other steps to improve dedicated server performance.

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