Sinclair Broadcast Group Ransomware Attack: Top Takeaways for Server Security

December 2022

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have been on the rise for years. Not only has the size and scope of these attacks grown, but they have been occurring with greater frequency as well. And unfortunately, it seems as though nobody is safe from these types of attacks and the havoc they can wreak.

In fact, the Sinclair Broadcast Group was hit by a major DDoS attack in October of 2021, resulting in major network disruptions and data loss.

More About the Sinclair Broadcast Group Attack

The Sinclar Broadcast Group, which has headquarters in Maryland, operates dozens of television stations across the country. In October of 2021, the broadcast group’s servers were reportedly hit by a huge DDoS attack that resulted in numerous network outages and technical issues across some of its TV stations. Likewise, some servers were hit with a ransomware attack that compromised some of the company’s sensitive data.

Implications for Security in the Media Sector

Unfortunately, this DDoS has only proven what cybersecurity experts have been warning the public of for quite some time: that no organization or entity is 100% safe from the threat of a DDoS attack or other major web attacks. This is mainly because DDoS attacks continue to grow larger in scale — often to the point that even DDoS protection protocols cannot stop them.

The Importance of Dedicated Servers for Web Security

Because of the increase in DDoS attacks across the globe and the recent attack on Sinclair Broadcast Group, there has been a renewed push for organizations and businesses in the media sector to beef up their online security. One of the best ways for these organizations to increase security is to make sure that their data is hosted on a dedicated server.

Specifically, dedicated servers offer the greatest level of security (both physical and virtual) against a wide range of web threats. Likewise, many dedicated hosting plans are offered with additional DDoS protection that can help to “filter” web traffic and potentially stop an attack in its tracks.

Dedicated servers also offer additional security features that other hosting plans may not, such as multi-factor authentication and available remote data backups. All of these features can make a huge difference in security for media organizations.

Make the Switch to a ReliableSite Server Today

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