Understanding Security Concerns in Shared Hosting

July 2018

When it comes to hosting your website, are you currently on a shared hosting plan? If so, then this means you are sharing a server with one or more other websites or entities. A lot of times, people will select a shared hosting plan because they assume it is the most affordable hosting option available to them. What they may not realize is that they could be putting their site’s security at-risk.

Specifically, when you’re on a shared hosting plan, this means you’re sharing all of your server’s resources with all the other accounts on your plan. Depending on the configuration of your specific server, this could mean sharing with one other account or it could mean sharing with multiple other accounts. Along with shared resources, there are also some potential security risks that can present themselves. By having a better understanding of these potential security risks, you can hopefully make informed decisions regarding the future of your web hosting needs.

Sharing an IP Address

One thing that many people don’t realize when they opt for a shared hosting plan is that they are actually sharing an IP address with anybody else who is on that shared plan. This means if you’re running a small business website off a shared web host, your business website IP address is going to be the same as any other website or account being hosting on that plan. This can be problematic from a security standpoint in a number of ways.

Greater Vulnerability to Attacks

Unfortunately, when you share an IP address and a web host, you are also opening yourself up to greater overall vulnerability when it comes to web attacks. This is especially true of information-based attacks, such as DDoS attacks and other breaches. And while there are some steps you can take to beef up security on a shared host, you’ll still be at a much greater security risk than you would be with a dedicated hosting plan.

Ready to Switch to a Dedicated Web Host?

These are just a few of the ways in which being on a shared hosting plan can potentially compromise the security of your website and its files/data. The last thing you want is for your site to fall victim to a data breach or DDoS attack, as these can have a serious impact on your site’s reputation. Not to mention, losing important files or having sensitive customer data compromised can pose its own sets of serious problems.

The good news is that by opting for a dedicated hosting plan instead of shared hosting, you can avoid many of the security pitfalls mentioned here and enjoy greater overall server performance. With a dedicated server, you no longer need to share your resources with other accounts.

Dedicated hosting is a lot more affordable than you might realize, and it’s certainly a lot more secure than your current shared host. Contact ReliableSite today to find out what we can do for you.