Understanding Potential Drawbacks of Shared Hosting Plans

July 2017

Dedicated Server Hosting

If you’re thinking about using a shared hosting plan for your next website, blog, or eCommerce shop, you may want to think again. Often times, people will turn towards shared hosting as a budget-friendly solution, but what they don’t realize is that they could be setting their websites up for a number of problems. Not to mention, when you select the right hosting company, your own dedicated server is more of a value for the price over shared hosting. Before you spend your hard-earned money on a shared hosting package, be sure to explore the potential drawbacks that come along with it.

Lack of Features

Shared hosting may be one of the cheapest solutions out there, but the lack of features and customization options associated with these plans can really affect the quality of your website, app or other business. This can affect your user experience and make people less likely to return to your site as a result. With your own dedicated hosting package, you will have more features to work with and customize to your preference.

Resource Limitations

Perhaps one of the most glaring problems with a shared hosting platform is the plethora of resource limitations that come along with such a service. With shared hosting, keep in mind that you’ll literally be sharing a hosting package with a number of other users and domains. Therefore, your bandwidth, data, and other usage will be divided up equally. This means that your resources are being spread very thin among several or even dozens of other users. When you opt for a dedicated hosting platform, on the other hand, you can rest assured that you’re the only client on the account. This means all the resources for that dedicated server are yours and yours alone. And with a ReliableSite server, you’ll also enjoy the individualized attention and customer support you receive.

Security Vulnerabilities

It’s scary to think about the security vulnerabilities that you may face with a shared hosting plan. Unfortunately, because of their budget-friendly nature, you simply will not have the multiple layers of security and security features that you would find with a dedicated server. This could mean that your sensitive information, such as website files or even personal information, could be at a much higher risk. Your shared space could be accessed or attacked by someone who is aiming at another “tenant”. With a dedicated server from ReliableSite, you’ll enjoy a number of great security features, including free standard DDoS protection to keep your site safe from attacks. Many of our clients would agree that this aspect alone is more than worth the slightly additional cost that comes along with using a dedicated server over shared hosting.

Still not convinced that dedicated hosting is the best option for your needs? Talk to one of our ReliableSite hosting professionals today; you may be surprised at how affordable your own dedicated hosting can be when you choose us.