Server Management Services: Are They Worth Your Money?

January 2019

There’s a lot of effort that goes into maintaining a dedicated server. From installing security updates to running security audits and everything in between, you can easily spend hours maintaining and otherwise caring for your server each week. Don’t have this kind of time on your hands? It might make sense to employ the services of a server management option, such as that available through ReliableSite.

Specifically, with a managed server, you will have a team of experienced and dedicated administrators who will take care of just about all aspects of maintaining your server. At ReliableSite, we offer level three system administrators to manage both Linux and Windows servers.

Reasons to Consider a Managed Server

There are many benefits of a managed server for those who are considering this option. For starters, with managed hosting through ReliableSite, you’ll enjoy support around-the-clock 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As part of your managed hosting package, our experienced administrators will handle everything from optimizing your server for its given operating system, to configuring firewalls and much more, including:

  • Level one to level three issues
  • Disaster and hack recovery
  • Server auditing and hardening

As a result, you’ll never have to worry about learning how to manage a server on your own. And if you are currently handling your own server maintenance, making the switch to a managed dedicated server will save you a great deal of time each week since you won’t have to worry about taking care of all those time-consuming maintenance tasks yourself.

When is a Managed Server Worth the Money?

At ReliableSite, you can add server management to any dedicated server for just $59 per month. For many, this small monthly fee is more than worth the amount of time you save by not having to handle your own server management. At the end of the day, it’s important to consider the value of your time when determining whether or not a managed server is worth the expense. In most cases, you’ll find that unless you already have your own dedicated IT staff, paying a little extra for that server management is more than the worth the cost.

Server Management From ReliableSite

At ReliableSite, we take great pride in the managed server options we have to offer. Our goal is to provide the server management options you need so that you can free up your own time and focus on other important aspects of running your site and/or business. We offer a wide range of specific managed services, such as:

  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Email and/or phone support
  • Uptime and downtime tracking
  • Regular debugging and updates

Whether you select a dedicated server that runs on Linux or Windows, our experienced administrators can assist you in managing and optimizing your server.

Now that you have a better idea of how server management works and the various benefits of these services, is a managed server the best choice for you? If so, then consider adding server management to your account today by contacting ReliableSite. We’d be happy to get you set up in no time!