How Ransomware Threatens Online Gamers

January 2022

Unfortunately, ransomware attacks are nothing new. For years, hackers have been using ransomware to essentially “hijack” important files. From there, the data is held for ransom digitally until the victim pays the fee requested. Often, these attacks have been used against major companies and even financial institutions – and instances of ransomware attacks have only increased since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit.

What a lot of people haven’t realized, however, is that these events are not limited to major corporations and financial institutions. In fact, in recent months, there has been an increase in ransomware attacks against gamers. Whether you consider yourself a hardcore gamer or simply like to dabble in online gaming, you should be aware of these threats and how to protect yourself.

Ransomware Gaming Attacks

How do ransomware attacks work on gamers? In most cases, attackers are hacking into gamers’ online accounts and holding their data hostage. When a user has spent a great deal of time (and possibly even money) to achieve accomplishments in a game, he or she may see no choice but to pay the fee to recover the account as quickly as possible.

As more people turned to online gaming during the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense that instances of gaming-related cyber-crimes have also increased. One major attack that occurred in 2020, for example, targeted players of the game “Among Us,” tricking them into downloading fake versions of the game that turned out to be malware or ransomware. Unfortunately, this is not a trend that shows any signs of slowing down.

How to Protect Your Gaming Experience

So, what does all this mean if you’re an online gamer? It’s more important than ever to you take measures to protect your information, including your gaming login credentials. Now is a great time to update and strengthen your account passwords, for example, if you haven’t done so recently.

When acquiring new games, it’s also essential to verify the legitimacy of the download link before proceeding. Having a virus scanner on your computer can help you avoid accidentally downloading a file that turns out to be malware or ransomware.

Another way to protect yourself? Reconsider your hosting. If you’re not already using a dedicated gaming server, you’re already at a disadvantage when it comes to security. Not only does a dedicated gaming server deliver faster speeds (which means less lag for you), but it also provides the most secure gaming experience. This added gaming security can help you lower the risk of being affected by malware, ransomware, or other common online gaming attacks.

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