Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Reseller Hosting Provider

August 2021

Interested in reselling dedicated server hosting? ReliableSite has some great options. Reselling hosting is an excellent way to bring in additional income with an existing tech business or even start your own service from the ground up. Of course, it’s important to understand that not all dedicated server reseller platforms are created equal.

As you explore your options for reseller hosting providers, taking the time to ask the right questions can help you narrow things down and ultimately make a confident decision.

Before choosing a provider, consider asking the following questions:

1. What Are Your Uptime Rates?

One thing you won’t want to overlook when it comes to choosing a reseller hosting provider is the hosting company’s uptime. When you’re selling hosting, you want to provide your clients with reliable service. Even a few minutes of unexpected downtime can create significant headaches for your clients, after all.

This is where selecting a hosting provider that offers an uptime guarantee can make all the difference. ReliableSite, for example, provides a 100% monthly uptime service-level guarantee on our network, power, and cooling availability with all dedicated servers in our data centers. This can give you some much-needed peace of mind as a reseller.

2. Do You Offer 24/7 Technical Support?

Even with service guarantees, there may still be times when you have questions or concerns about your reseller account and need to get in touch with a support staff member for help. When this occurs, you won’t want to wait until the next business day to receive a response to your request.

By choosing a reseller hosting company that offers 24/7 technical support, you can rest assured that you’ll always have the access you need to knowledgeable, helpful support staff regardless of day or time. This is yet another service that ReliableSite is happy to provide to all of its resellers and clients.

3. What Is the Cost to Join?

Cost is always a concern when you’re looking to become a hosting reseller. Start-up costs can vary greatly from one hosting company to the next, which is why it’s essential to ask about this up-front and choose a company that offers transparent, reasonable rates.

With ReliableSite, you can enjoy knowing that you’ll never have to pay any monthly fees or up-front costs to become a part of the reseller program. There is also no minimum on the number of sales you need to maintain an active membership.

4. How Much Control Do Resellers Retain?

If you have plans to customize your hosting offerings, then you’ll also want to select a hosting company that allows you to retain as much control as possible over your platform. ReliableSite’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for resellers to brand and package their hosting to suit their clients’ needs, which can be challenging to find in a reseller program.

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