What to Look for in Your Server’s Data Center

December 2017

When selecting a hosting company, it’s important to look beyond the specs of the server itself. In fact, one could argue that a dedicated server is only as good as the data center through which it is hosted. Specifically, a data center refers to the physical location where your server and all of its equipment is kept. If you’re looking for a great dedicated server, there are some specific things to look for when it comes to the quality of the data center as well.


Start by looking at the data center locations available through your hosting company. The closer your server is located to you and the primary users of the server itself (or the visitors of your site), the lower the latency (lag) you’ll experience. This may mean faster page loading times for your site visitors and therefore a better overall user experience.

Ideally, you’ll be able to find a hosting company with several data center locations available, so you can choose a server in the location that works best for your needs.

Security features

There is no overstating the importance of choosing a hosting company with lots of security features in place inside its data centers. So what kinds of specific security features should you be looking for? At the very least, data centers should be staffed by security professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ideally, there will also be ongoing video surveillance, as well as restricted access throughout the building. This will help give you added peace of mind, knowing your server and its data is safe.


You’ll also want to look for data center redundancies when looking for a data center for your next dedicated server. These redundancies should help to ensure that your server experiences as little downtime and as few technical issues as possible. For example, any reputable data center should have power backups (such as generators) to avoid electricity outages, as well as redundancies in place for temperature control, so your server never overheats.

The ReliableSite difference

At ReliableSite, we have several different data centers located across the country, so you can select the location that is ideal for you. In addition to this, we also have around-the-clock security and other security features to protect your server and its sensitive data. And of course, redundancies such as power backups and cooling systems provide you with added peace of mind, along with our 100 percent power uptime service level agreement and other similar guarantees.

When you select your next dedicated server, make sure you’re also taking a look at the data center where it will be hosted. When you choose a dedicated server through ReliableSite, you can always rest assured that you have redundancies, security and much more behind your server hardware. To find out more about our data centers and hosting options, contact our team today. We’d be happy to help you choose your ideal server.