Protect Your Site in 2019 with FTP Backup Storage

June 2019

Is your data protected? If your website isn’t currently being backed up, you may not have access to your data in the event of an accident or attack. It’s important that you regularly back up your website so it can be restored if an incident occurs. Here’s what you need to know.

Threats Are Growing: Are You Prepared?

Many people forgo backing up their website in an attempt to cut costs and save time. However, not backing up your data can prove to be both disastrous and costly in the event of an emergency. When it comes to your data, cutting corners is not advisable, especially as new cybersecurity threats begin to emerge.

There are a number of growing threats that websites and webmasters may encounter in 2019:

  • Accidental Deletion – When a file is deleted from a server or network location, there often isn’t another copy – this is unlike a local network, which often has a “trash” or a “recycle bin.”
  • Corrupt or Modified Data – If a user accidentally corrupts a file or modifies a file in a way that breaks it, you’ll need to be able to restore an older copy. Sometimes you may need something several versions back.
  • Viruses or Malicious Programs – Viruses and malicious programs are constantly targeting web-based solutions, and they can “lock” data by encrypting it.
  • Malicious Attacks – A malicious user can simply delete everything on a company server, including any backups held on that server.
  • Lost Files – When files on a server are lost, they can be lost forever. To protect yourself, you need to keep backups in another location entirely.

Protecting Your Site with Backup Storage

Backup storage can be used to save a copy of your data on a backup server. At ReliableSite, all of our dedicated servers come with the option to backup your data via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) backup storage. FTP backups are self-managed, allowing you to decide when and what you back up.

We offer affordable backup storage, so you can protect your data no matter what your budget may be. Our backup storage options vary in price according to the amount of space you desire — from 100 GB of backup space to 2000 GB.

The Advantages of FTP Backup Storage

Why choose an FTP backup over a local backup? FTP backups are remote, so your backup data is protected in the event of a natural disaster in your area. Additionally, FTP backup services include several security measures, such as user authentication and file encryption, to ensure you have complete control over who accesses your information.

As you can see, a backup is absolutely critical for any website. Without backups, you could risk losing all of your data in the event of an emergency or security breach. For more information about your server security and data safety, contact our experts at ReliableSite.