Pay for Hosting with Bitcoin – ReliableSite

April 2014

Pay for Hosting with Bitcoin

ReliableSite is excited to announce BitCoin as a form of payment for our services. You can now pay for hosting with Bitcoin. Our checkout system is integrated with BitPay, which allows us to accept the new currency.

Pay for Hosting with Bitcoin

When customers reach the checkout section they will see an option for BitCoin listed in line with credit cards and PayPal. Choosing BitCoin redirects to, where customers should enter all of the appropriate information to go through with their purchase.

BitCoin has substantially grown in popularity since its creation in 2009. Unlike regular payment services, this currency is not processed through a central bank. This means transactions can be completed without being limited by bank processing or standard hours.

ReliableSite believes that our customers will be satisfied with this new payment option.