Unmetered Bandwidth Storage Servers from ReliableSite

June 2015

ReliableSite Storage Servers

ReliableSite is now offering two storage server solutions targeting low-cost backup and high-performance applications, running on its enterprise-grade dedicated servers.

We know our customers’ lives are busy, but that doesn’t mean they ignore quality and value.  Choose one of two configurations (with either 32 TB HDD or 8 TB SSD) for the highest standard of hardware, lots of storage and reliability. Our storage servers are a complete package for anyone looking to support a large amount of data or heavy I/O throughput applications.All dedicated server environments come standard with ReliableSite’s DDoS protection, a 24/7 hardware support team, and a premium unmetered network.

What these storage server deals offer is a complete package that allows customers to skip the hassle of picking out hardware and looking for a deal on each part. The 32 TB HDD dedicated storage server is built for processes such as image sharing, file sharing and data backup. The 8 TB SSD storage server will handle applications that require heavy I/O throughput, such as databases and virtualization.

Visit our dedicated servers page for more information about storage servers.