New Year, New Dedicated Servers

March 2019

Every year we see vast changes in the technological landscape. From new IoT endpoints to cyber security risks, companies need to proactively prepare if they want to remain effective in the year to come. As 2019 emerges, it becomes necessary to consider whether a new year might mean a new need for dedicated servers. Here are the advantages of upgrading to a dedicated solution.

Cyber Security Threats Continue to Grow

Hundreds of cyber security threats are released every day. These cyber security threats are usually targeting small businesses, rather than large enterprises or individuals. As the “Internet of Things” grows and mobile devices are more commonly used for critical business functions, it becomes easier for a system to be compromised. The best dedicated server hosting will also come with advanced security features, such as built-in DDoS protection.

A single cyber security attack or intrusion can cost a company millions of dollars. It’s worth it for a company to protect itself in advance through the right technology. Dedicated servers are inherently more secure than shared servers, as dedicated servers don’t force multiple clients to utilize the same space and resources.

Companies Increasingly Move to Hybrid Solutions

In 2019 we will see an increase in companies that move to hybrid solutions, where both cloud-based technologies and dedicated servers are used to achieve the best of both worlds. With cloud-based technology, companies can leverage scalable, flexible resources, while dedicated servers make it easier to keep proprietary information and personally identifiable information safe.

Many companies are finding themselves facing new regulations regarding how data needs to be secured. Those in medical fields, legal fields, and other similar industries will find it necessary to increase security as much as possible. For the purposes of data security, a single bare metal server is considered to be safer and more functional than a virtualized server.

Web Presence Remains Critical for Company Growth

A company’s web presence remains one of its crucial methods of outreach. Having a reliable, responsive website makes it easier for a company to connect with its audience and its leads. In 2019, it’s likely that this web presence will become even more important than it already is. Companies will need to ensure that their websites stay up and that they load quickly.

Organizations should look for web hosting companies that can guarantee large amounts of uptime, otherwise it’s possible that a company may not be accessible to interesting leads. Furthermore, organizations should invest in dedicated servers as a method of proactively providing resources for their future growth. As a company scales up its operations, it becomes unlikely that they will be able to manage their resource-usage and web presence accurately.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your current shared server, or you want to jump in and start building a corporate site now, the new year may be the perfect time to get started. Work with the best dedicated server hosting by contacting the experts at ReliableSite. ReliableSite offers dedicated bare metal servers with advanced DDoS protection, 100% uptime, and 24/7 customer support.