Have the Most Profitable Year with a Reseller Hosting Program

March 2019

What if you could start your 2019 off on the right foot by adding a new revenue stream? ReliableSite provides a comprehensive reseller program, which makes it easy for resellers to make a profit through advertising the proven services of ReliableSite. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a ReliableSIte reseller and working with a trusted and dependable partner.

The Benefits of Becoming a ReliableSite Reseller

As a dedicated server reseller, you’ll provide support for customers looking for a hosting service. You won’t need to maintain or manage a thing; all you need to do is support the customers that you onboard. A ReliableSite reseller can rely on the guaranteed services which include 100% uptime service level agreement and DDoS protection.

A dedicated server can host a number of shared or virtualized servers, making it extremely profitable as multiple clients may share the same server. At the same time, a ReliableSite reseller also has the flexibility to resell dedicated, bare metal services if they desire.

There are a number of dedicated reseller hosts out there, but the advantages to working with ReliableSite include:

  • It’s free to join and comes without monthly fees. Sign up as many or as few clients as you want and you’ll only be charged for the services that you use.
  • A fully brandable server control panel. You can brand everything with your own company’s name to provide a better overall user experience. Your branding will replace the branding of ReliableSite.
  • Free DDoS protection. Guarantee that your clients won’t be taken down by a DDoS attack with standard protection from ReliableSite. DDoS attacks can be extremely expensive, both for clients and for hosts.

By leveraging the reliable and cost-effective services of ReliableSite, you can easily compete with other reseller and hosting services. Within the reseller hosting program, you’ll make a percentage of each sale  — and that includes future payments that are made from subscriptions.

Getting Started with the ReliableSite Reseller Program

It’s easy to get started as a ReliableSite reseller. All you need to do is go through the fast, easy application process to become a partner. Sign up with your current website’s URL, customize your branding, and immediately start selling. Customers will only see your branding, and you’ll be able to promote and advertise the best features of ReliableSite.

You can choose from a number of different types of dedicated server, including selecting the data center that is closest to you and your customer base. You can even pre-pay for a discount on certain dedicated server products.

Are you ready to start a hosting service from the comfort of your home? Sign up as a dedicated reseller by contacting ReliableSite today.