ReliableSite Sponsors Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt

June 2016

DNS security

We’re proud to announce that ReliableSite is an early sponsor of free certificate authority, Let’s Encrypt, to support the ongoing issue of internet security.

Secure web browsing and hosting is an ongoing challenge in the hosting industry but one with solutions. Although ReliableSite does not provide web hosting or website certificates, it is a Silver Sponsor due to Let’s Encrypt’s unique nature. The company issues certificates for free and the work is open source (supported by the Linux Foundation). Let’s Encrypt has issued more than 1.7 million certificates (for more than 3.8 million websites) since 2015.

“When we first heard about the development of Let’s Encrypt, we thought it was a great idea that deserved support,” said CEO and founder of ReliableSite, Radic Davydov. “Now we are proud to say that ReliableSite is a Silver Sponsor of Let’s Encrypt, and we look forward to their next steps.”

Let’s Encrypt works in the same way that paid certificates do. It verifies that your site and its server of origin matches your registered information. The certificate puts a stamp of approval on your server, announcing to the internet that your site is trusted.

Wide spread use of Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS), or approved secure certificates, for web hosting prevents things like man-in-the-middle attacks, which commonly take advantage of unsecured websites. These attacks intercept the server’s request for a website’s information. The malicious party then receives unencrypted information from the person requesting the website. Whenever you see an https websites, you know that it has a security certificate and your browser confirms that it is valid.

Many of ReliableSite’s dedicated server customers use or provide web hosting and browser certificate services. They and many others who need encrypted connections on their sites, will benefit from the development of Let’s Encrypt.