How Instant Servers Will Help to Securely Back Up Your Data

January 2019

When it comes to dedicated server security, one of the best precautions you can take as a server administrator is to back up your data as often as possible. By doing so, you can always have a stored copy of your most important files and data in the event that it is compromised or otherwise lost. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mistakes users of dedicated hosting tend to make when backing up their data. By knowing how to avoid these common mistakes and by trusting your data to an instant server, you’ll be able to optimize security and peace of mind.

Common Data Back Up Mistakes

There are many common mistakes you should be careful to avoid when it comes to security and data backups on your dedicated server. One of the most common is backing up the wrong data. Carefully selecting the files that you need to back up is important in ensuring you have access to them if they are compromised in a data breach or accidentally deleted.

In addition to choosing the right data to back up, you’ll also want to avoid the common mistake of not backing up your data frequently enough. While the frequency with which your data should be backed up can vary depending on your needs, there is generally no good reason to go more than a few days without a backup.

Benefits of Using an Instant Server

Instant dedicated servers through ReliableSite are part of a larger effort to make bare metal servers as easy to deploy as virtual cloud servers, but without the common limitations of a shared virtual environment. With features such as native hosting API, auto-operating system installers, and built-in scanners for hardware health and security vulnerabilities, users can feel more confident in the security of their servers while cutting down on their own time spent in checking for security updates, patches, and more.

Furthermore, these servers come with free standard DDoS protection to reduce your server’s risk of falling victim to one of these very common types of attacks. All servers come with protection against DDoS attacks of up to 20 gigabits per second; from there, users have the ability to purchase additional protection for larger attacks ranging from 30 gigabits per second to 100 gigabits per second, depending on your needs.

All of these features, combined with the ability to easily and efficiently back up your data as needed, make ReliableSite dedicated servers a great choice for your website hosting, email hosting, or even gaming needs. And by taking some basic proactive measures to boost security on your server, you can enjoy even more peace of mind and confidence.

Ready to purchase a dedicated server? ReliableSite has rapid deploy options that can be set up in a matter of minutes. Or, if you could use some assistance deciding on the right server for you, our knowledgeable team is ready to help. Contact ReliableSite today to find out which hosting option is best for you or to get help in setting up your new dedicated hosting plan.