Five Important Services to Look for When Starting a Website

November 2019

If you have plans to launch a website in the near future, there are some specific services you may need. This remains true whether you’re starting a site for your small business, personal blog, or anything in between. While some services may be easy to do on your own, others may require the help of a professional. Therefore, it’s a good idea to determine what you’re comfortable handling before creating your site.

Let’s take a look at a few essential services for launching a website.

1. Domain Registration

The very first step of website creation is to purchase and register a domain name – without one, you won’t have a website. A domain registration service allows you to secure your website’s URL, provided that the name isn’t already taken. Registration is inexpensive (usually about $10 per year), and you can set up your URL to auto-renew so it doesn’t lapse.

In addition to .com websites, a domain registration service may offer .org, .net, and other types of sites.

2. Web Design

Once you have your domain name secured, it’s time to start designing and building your website. This will require some knowledge of HTML or other website coding languages – unless you plan on using a free template, such as those offered by WordPress.

Many website owners choose to hire a web design expert for this critical part of the process. After all, the quality of your design will ultimately determine what your site looks like and how user-friendly it is. With help from an experienced web designer, you can create a beautiful, custom website that highlights your brand and suits your needs.

3. Website Hosting

Your website will also need a hosting plan. While some domain registration services offer free basic hosting, these plans usually don’t come with enough resources to support a growing website. In general, a dedicated server host will be the best option because it allows you to truly customize your server.

Dedicated server hosting is also very cost-effective, as plans are typically comprehensive and include many of the services you need. Just be sure to do your research while shopping around for the best dedicated server host, as they are not all created equal.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing

Even once your site is up and running, you may need additional services to help spread the word and increase your online visibility. This is where hiring an SEO or marketing expert is extremely beneficial. An SEO professional will be able to implement strategies to improve your site’s visibility and boost rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). This, in turn, can make it easier for users to find your site.

5. Stock Photos

One challenge you may face in creating your website is finding and using photos that are not copyright protected. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating your own imagery, investing in a stock photo service is a great option. By paying for an account, you’ll gain access to thousands of professional photos that you can use to give your site a more polished look.

These are just a few important services that can help you launch a successful website. For more information on web hosting or to purchase a dedicated hosting plan, contact ReliableSite today.