How to Buy the Right Solid State Drive for Your Dedicated Server

August 2019

When selecting a dedicated hosting plan, one of the more important decisions you’ll need to make is whether to opt for solid state drive (SSD) storage or a traditional hard drive. By having a better understanding of the differences between solid state drives vs. hard drives, as well as the many uses for solid state drives, you can ultimately make the right choice for your hosting needs.

What is a Solid State Drive?

A solid state drive is a form of storage media that consists of a flash controller and flash memory chips. The design of an SSD makes it possible for files to be stored on solid state flash memory and retrieved without the need of moving or spinning parts. This is significantly different from a traditional hard drive, which utilizes a spinning disk mechanism. While traditional hard drives may be cheaper when you’re looking into your hosting options, SSDs offer more benefits in the long-run.

Advantages of Solid State Drive Storage

There are many reasons to consider solid state drive storage when setting up your dedicated hosting plan. For starters, data and files can be retrieved more quickly using SSD storage than when using a traditional hard drive disk. They also tend to have much larger storage capacities and offer a higher level of security over a hard disk.

While it’s true that you will spend more for SSD storage over hard disk storage, many would agree that the added cost is worth the improved performance and storage capabilities. And because an SSD doesn’t have any parts that move or spin, these storage options tend to hold up to the test of time better than hard disks do.

What to Look for in Solid State Drives

So, what are solid state drives used for? There are numerous possibilities. Many growing businesses, for example, opt for this form of storage due to the lower latency and better performance involved. Those looking for a dedicated hosting plan for a gaming server will also benefit from SSD storage. It’s also useful when there is a need to securely store and maintain large amounts of sensitive data.

If you’re considering solid state drive storage for your hosting plan, you may be wondering what to look for as you compare your options. For starters, be sure to assess the physical features of the SSD itself, including its form factor and interface. You’ll also want to find out exactly how much can be stored on the SSD to ensure it will meet your needs (and then some).

The longevity of the device must also be taken into consideration. While SSD storage tends to have greater durability than that of a traditional hard disk, it’s a good idea to get some sort of guarantee in writing with your web hosting company. And while you shouldn’t shop for SSD storage based on price alone, you will want to compare pricing to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

As you can see, there are many practical uses for SSD storage over traditional hard disk drives. From faster processing and greater longevity to lower latency and higher storage capacities, there are many reasons to consider a solid state drive for your hosting needs. Just be sure to keep these important considerations in mind as you shop around so you can buy with confidence.

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