Your Guide to Choosing an Option for Hosting Your Mobile Application

November 2020

Looking to develop a mobile app? If so, you’ll need some kind of server to host the app’s data. This is especially true if the app you’re developing will require any kind of network access to retrieve or collect information. If this is your first time developing an app, you may not know that you’ll need reliable web hosting. It’s important to consider the many ways in which your app may require access to a network connection in order to function. Unless you’re developing a very simple gaming app or something similar, you’re going to need a host. It’s as simple as that.

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of choosing a web host? It doesn’t have to be complicated. By having a better understanding of the hosting options out there and how they may (or may not) work with your application, you can make an informed decision.

Understanding Your Options

There are a few main options to consider when it comes to hosting mobile apps. Shared, cloud, and dedicated hosting are the most common.

Shared Hosting

With a shared web host, you are essentially paying for a portion of a server that you split with other users on the account. In this sense, you all share your resources in exchange for a low cost. As a result, this is typically the most affordable option available. One thing to keep in mind with this type of hosting, though, is that these shared servers often cannot be customized very much. This means you may not have the software you need to develop your app successfully, so you’ll want to do your research carefully before you commit.

Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, you essentially have access to a large “pool” of servers, but you’re typically not using them all at once (which reduces costs). This can come in handy for app developers whose resource needs may fluctuate constantly, because this type of hosting allows you to “turn off” and “turn on” servers as you need them. They are also more customizable than your typical shared server, so you may have an easier time installing your own operating system, software, and more.

Dedicated Hosting

Last but not least, there’s dedicated server hosting. With this type of hosting, you have full access to the server and the resources for which you are paying. A dedicated server provides you with the greatest overall level of customization, allowing you to install and uninstall applications and software as needed. These servers also provide the best speeds, greater reliability, and unrivaled security – which may be worth the higher cost if you’re working with any sensitive data while developing your app.

Contact ReliableSite for All of Your Hosting Needs

For many app developers, dedicated server hosting is the best choice. Of course, the hosting option that’s right for you can depend on many factors. If you’re thinking about selecting a dedicated server for hosting your mobile application, ReliableSite can help. We offer a wide variety of solutions that can be customized to fit your needs, including rapid deploy dedicated servers that can be set up in a matter of minutes. Contact us today to learn more!