Hackers Are Turning to the Cloud – Why Switching to Dedicated Hosting is More Important than Ever

July 2021

It’s no secret that cloud-based services have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many growing businesses and organizations rely on the cloud for its affordability and scalability. However, some inherent drawbacks come with using cloud-based services – especially from a security standpoint. This issue is becoming increasingly relevant, as recent findings suggest that hackers are now targeting the cloud to carry out larger and more malicious attacks.

By having a better understanding of how these attacks work and the other vulnerabilities you may be exposed to with a cloud-based web host, you can make a more informed decision regarding your hosting needs. Let’s take a closer look.

How Do Cloud-Based Attacks Work?

Cloud-based services are already at a disadvantage when it comes to security; by their very nature, they’re more prone to attacks and are typically easier for hackers to gain access to. However, hackers are now taking advantage of this to carry out a new type of attack that involves selling access to cached cloud information and other stolen data. Often, the data can be used to carry out additional attacks and breaches on a much larger scale. This could include ransomware attacks, keylogging attacks, botnets, and much more.

Those willing to pay for access to this cached information have plenty of options. Typically, they can purchase one-time access or even participate in a subscription-based service, depending on the specific information they’re looking for. This new trend will likely create major problems for businesses and organizations using cloud-based services moving forward.

Are You Using a Cloud Hosting Service? Why You Should Switch to Dedicated Hosting

If you’re currently hosting your website or any other aspect of your business on a cloud-based hosting service, you could be at risk of falling victim to one of these attacks. Combine this with the many other security vulnerabilities you’re already subject to on a cloud-based server, and it’s easy to see why many organizations are making the switch to more secure hosting plans.

So, what are your options? One of the best things you can do to protect your organization from web attacks is upgrade your hosting to a dedicated server. Sticking with cloud hosting is one of the worst cybersecurity mistakes you can make in today’s hostile web environment, and these threats are only expected to grow in the future.

With a dedicated hosting plan, you’ll enjoy added security and peace of mind, as well as standard security features (like distributed denial of service protection and data backups) to help keep your information safe. Furthermore, you may be surprised at just how affordable dedicated hosting can be. Many businesses don’t pay significantly more for their dedicated server hosting than they did for their cloud-based service.

To learn more about the dedicated servers available through ReliableSite or begin making the switch, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team. We’re happy to help you find a solution that meets your unique needs!