Four Ways to Enhance Your Online Gaming Experience

December 2020

If you’re into online gaming, then you might also be familiar with the frustration that comes with a slow PC or internet connection. Running into frequent lag and connectivity issues can take the joy out of gaming, but the good news is that there are a few things you can do to enhance your experience.

1. Invest in a Custom Gaming PC

If you haven’t done so already, consider treating yourself to a custom-built gaming PC. You might actually be surprised at how affordable these computers can be, especially if you have the knowledge and experience to build your own. Even if you need to hire someone else to set up your gaming PC for you, these machines can be quite affordable when you shop around and select your own components, such as the:

  • Processor
  • Graphics/video card
  • Memory
  • Hard drive

With a PC built specifically for gaming, you should be able to run even the most complex games without issues or lag.

2. Secure Your Wireless Network

If you play games over a wireless network that isn’t secure, you might run into slower connection speeds. This often indicates that unauthorized users are logging into your Wi-Fi. Having an open wireless network can also create serious security risks, allowing your login information, financial data, and other sensitive information to be accessible to potential hackers.

While the exact steps for securing a wireless network can vary from one internet service provider (ISP) and router to the next, most can be password-protected with just a few clicks. When selecting a password for your network, be sure to choose something complex and difficult to identify. Options with various numbers, symbols, and capital letters are typically the most secure.

3. Keep Your System Up to Date

As new and more intricate games come out, you’ll need to make sure your computer can keep up. Therefore, it’s a good idea to upgrade your system every few years. A new graphics card or even more memory can make all the difference in your gaming experience. The best part? If you already have a custom-built gaming PC, swapping out existing components for new ones is simple.

4. Invest in a Dedicated Hosting Plan

One of the best ways to optimize your gaming experience is to invest in dedicated hosting. With a dedicated gaming server, you’ll be able to reduce latency and maximize security, resulting in faster gaming with fewer frustrations.

With a dedicated server for gaming, you also won’t have to share resources (including memory, processing speed, etc.) with any other users as you would on your home’s wireless connection. As a result, you can run complex games without skipping a beat.

Ready to treat yourself to a dedicated server for your online gameplay? ReliableSite is a dedicated hosting company that offers plenty of options to suit your needs. Contact us today to begin setting up your dedicated server hosting or to find out more about all we have to offer!