Five Benefits of Having a Fully Managed Server

October 2019

If you’re a business owner looking for the best hosting option for your company website, a dedicated server can be an excellent solution. However, there is some work required on your end. From making sure security updates are installed regularly to running speed audits of your site, maintaining your site’s server can be time-consuming and (unless you have prior IT experience) also comes with a learning curve.

The good news is that many dedicated server hosting companies offer managed server options, which assign an experienced administrator to your account to handle nearly all aspects of maintaining your server’s software and hardware. Yes, a managed hosting plan does cost a bit more than a traditional dedicated server host, but there are many benefits to consider.

1. Save Time, Save Money

Perhaps the biggest advantage business owners will realize with a fully managed server is how much time it saves them. This frees up your own time to spend on other important aspects of your business. And when you consider the value of your time alone, it’s easy to see how a managed server could actually save you money in the long run. Combine this with the fact that having a managed server may eliminate the need to hire a full-time IT staff and you’ll be amazed at just how much money this hosting option could save you.

2. Enjoy Unrivaled Expertise

When you’re unfamiliar with managing your own server, there can be a substantial learning curve. Not only will you need to familiarize yourself with your hosting platform and administrative panel, but you’ll also have to learn how to check for and install security patches and updates, edit and delete files, and handle many other tedious tasks.


When you opt for managed hosting on dedicated servers, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having access to an expert administrator who can handle these tasks – instead of trying to teach yourself how to maintain your server.

3. Boost Server Security

Online security is a huge concern for the modern business owner. A managed server administrator will be able to improve your site’s security, thus reducing your chances of falling victim to a data breach or other attack that could damage your company’s reputation. Specifically, administrators on managed accounts can handle everything from running regular security audits and installing patches to watching for signs of DDoS attacks.

4. Optimize Speed and Performance

On a managed server, administrators can also run regular speed audits to ensure that your site is running as smoothly as possible, which, in turn, can improve your user experience. As part of your administrator’s regular maintenance tasks, he or she can check for duplicate or unnecessarily large files that can be deleted or optimized to improve site performance. Other steps, such as recommending upgrades on processors or bandwidth sizes, can also be made as needed.

5. Minimize Downtime and Other Issues

Website downtime is the enemy of any business, though this may be especially true if you rely on your site for online sales or ad revenue. With a managed server, you’ll reduce your chances of experiencing server downtime or other issues that could impact your bottom line. If a problem with your site does arise, an experienced professional will be able to address the situation as quickly as possible.

With so many potential benefits of having a managed server, it’s easy for many business owners to justify the higher cost. Interested in managed hosting? Contact ReliableSite today to get started.