The Difference Between a VPS and a Dedicated Server

January 2019

When you’re in need of a server for your website, company email, or any other needs, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the options available to you. From shared hosting and virtual private servers to dedicated hosting and everything in between, how are you supposed to know which is right for you?

Two of the most popular types of hosting these days include virtual private servers (VPN) and dedicated servers. By having a better understanding of the differences between these two hosting types, as well as the inherent pros and cons of each, you can make an informed decision regarding your needs.

Understanding VPS and Dedicated Hosting

VPS hosting is a shared hosting option that involves essentially “splitting” a single server between multiple hosting accounts. This means that your physical server and its hardware may be shared by several other clients and their websites (or other hosting needs). The main advantage to a VPS is cost savings because the resources are shared between users and so is the cost. This makes a VPS a budget-friendly option for those in need of affordable hosting.

On the other hand, because you’re sharing with other users, VPS doesn’t come with easy customization or a lot of administrative control. As a result, it may not be ideal for everyone.

With a dedicated server, there is no sharing of resources. You have complete control and access to your server and its associated hardware. This can result in greater reliability and less lag/latency when compared to a VPS. You’ll also have more flexibility to customize and control your server as needed, since you don’t have other users’ needs to contend with.

As a result of the greater customization and dedicated resources, a dedicated server does tend to be more expensive than a VPS.

Which Option is Right for You?

Now that you have a better understanding of the differences between a VPS and dedicated server, which is right for you? When it comes to VPS vs. dedicated server performance, the dedicated server will win out every time. But from a cost perspective, a VPS is usually more affordable.

Ultimately, deciding between a VPS and dedicated servers will mean assessing your budget and specific needs. If you’re more concerned about saving money and don’t have the need for a lot of control or customization, then a VPS may be okay. If you’re serious about reliability, speed, and customization, then a dedicated server is going to be the better choice for you.

Dedicated Servers from ReliableSite

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