Dedicated Servers in the Insurance Industry

October 2019

No matter whether they deal with home, auto, or health insurance, one fact remains – insurance companies handle sensitive data on a regular basis. From customer payment information to policyholders’ personal data, insurance companies are trusted with a great deal of private and sensitive content. Unfortunately, with cyber-attacks and data breaches on the rise, many insurance companies (and their clients) are having their information compromised.

More than ever, insurance agencies have a responsibility to take extra precautions when it comes to handling sensitive data. This includes revisiting their hosting plans to ensure they’re as secure as possible. If your insurance business isn’t already using a dedicated server, now is the time to make the switch.

How Dedicated Servers Can Improve Security

There are many ways in which dedicated server hosting can improve overall security, whether you’re using a dedicated server host for your insurance company’s website, email, or a combination of both.

For starters, when you host your company’s important data on dedicated servers, you can rest assured that you’re never sharing your resources with another user. One hundred percent of your hardware and software resources are being committed to your account at all times. Many dedicated hosting plans also come with the option to purchase DDoS protection, which can offer an added layer of protection against attacks that can bring your server down.

Dedicated servers also offer unrivaled data security. Your physical server will be located inside a data center with staffed security guards and 24/7 surveillance. Reputable hosting companies also have intricate and effective access-control systems in place so entry to your specific server room is limited. All of this reduces the risk of your insurance company falling victim to a data breach or other attack.

Unique Compliance Requirements for Health and Life Insurance Carriers

If you’re in the health or life insurance industry, it’s also important to consider the specific Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements you need to follow when handling sensitive life insurance data, such as social security numbers and account numbers. Otherwise, you could face a HIPAA violation that’s not only costly but can harm your company’s reputation as well.

To ensure that you’re in compliance with HIPAA regulations, especially as they relate to data protection in the life and health insurance industries, having this information hosted on a dedicated server is an absolute must.

Added User Benefits for Dedicated Hosting Plans

In addition to providing unrivaled security for your policyholder’s sensitive information, hosting your insurance website on a dedicated server can provide other benefits for your users. For example, because all of your resources (including your server’s processor and RAM) are 100 percent committed to your server and not shared with other users, you can optimize page-loading times. This may result in faster website speeds for your users, which means they can avoid the frustration that comes with trying to access a slow website.

Because dedicated servers are also the most reliable form of web hosting, your users will also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your site will be available when they need it. All of this, in conjunction with confidence in your website’s security, can help boost your company’s reputation and grow your client base.

Switch to Dedicated Hosting Today

If your insurance company is looking to boost your security and user experience, a dedicated hosting plan is the best option. Contact ReliableSite today to find out more about what we can do for you and your policyholders.