Dedicated Servers for Software Development & Testing

June 2020

Whether you’re building a simple mobile app or a complex computer program, testing is an integral part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). However, many developers struggle with finding a reliable and secure location to build and host beta software.

Luckily, dedicated servers provide an effective solution. If you aren’t already hosting your beta software on a dedicated server, now may be the time to make the switch.

Understanding the Software Development Life cycle

The software development life cycle is a series of steps that must be completed before a product can be released to a client or the general public. This includes a development phase, a testing phase, user acceptance testing, staging, demonstrating, and final production.

No matter what kind of software you’re building, it’s vital to have a secure, flexible, and reliable place to carry out each step of the SDLC. Dedicated servers provide all of this and more, offering a number of benefits that make them the best platform for software development and testing.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting for Software Development

What makes a dedicated server the best place to host software while it’s in the development and testing phases? There are a few key benefits to consider. For starters, dedicated servers provide unmatched performance compared to shared hosting options. With dedicated hosting, you’ll enjoy fast speeds and greater reliability, both of which are key when it comes to testing and developing new software.

Dedicated servers also provide unparalleled data protection and can help software developers mitigate security risks. Because your server’s resources will not be shared with any other users, it’s much easier to avoid a variety of cyber-attacks. This is crucial in the development of any type of software, but it’s especially important when client information and other sensitive data may be on the line. Many dedicated servers also come with encryption options and data backup services that can provide an added layer of security.

Finally, because dedicated servers can be customized to meet the client’s exact needs and specifications, they provide significant versatility. This is essential for beta software and websites, as it allows developers to test and make changes without having to worry about limitations. From the operating system you use to the type of storage, amount of bandwidth, and more, this hosting option provides the flexibility software developers need during this critical stage of the SDLC.

Looking for the Best Place to Host Beta Software? ReliableSite Can Help

If you’re currently using a shared host for software development and testing, it may be time to consider making the switch to a dedicated server. In doing so, you’ll enjoy unparalleled flexibility, reliability, and security – all of which can help you stay on track with your project’s timeline and keep your data safe throughout the SDLC.

ReliableSite offers a variety of dedicated server options that can be tailored to fit your software development needs. For more information about our services or to set up your server, contact us today!