What to Know About Working with a Dedicated Server in the Legal Industry

December 2021

In today’s digital world, your law practice’s online presence is more important than ever. Of course, a major part of building and maintaining a strong digital footprint is having a website that’s reliable, secure, and easy for your visitors to navigate.

Unfortunately, even the most carefully designed legal website can fall short without the right hosting plan. By having a better understanding of the hosting plans available to your practice, as well as the pros and cons of each, you can ultimately decide on the hosting option that will best serve your firm now and for years to come.

Exploring Your Hosting Options in the Legal Field

When you’re building a legal website, you have a handful of hosting solutions to choose from. This ranges from “basic” free web hosting to dedicated server hosting and all of the options in between.

In general, you’ll want to avoid free hosting plans for your legal practice because they simply aren’t reliable. This type of hosting is not only more prone to security issues but may also affect your site speed. This, in turn, can scare potential clients away from your website.

Similar problems can be associated with shared and even cloud-based hosting solutions, both of which involve dividing up resources among other users. Unfortunately, when you have to share your vital server resources (like bandwidth and random access memory) with other websites, your site’s performance can suffer as a result.

What Sets a Dedicated Server Apart?

So, what is the best type of hosting for a legal practice? In general, dedicated hosting tends to be the most reliable and cost-effective solution for law practices for a number of reasons. With a dedicated server, 100 percent of your resources are allocated to your website at all times. As a result, your visitors can enjoy speedy page-loading times, which can keep them on your site longer and even help them trust you more with their legal needs. Meanwhile, security on a dedicated server is unrivaled, which is essential if you’ll be collecting any sensitive information from prospective clients over your site’s contact form or via other fields.

While it’s true that dedicated hosting does tend to be the most costly option, it is also a very cost-effective form of web hosting for law firms. This is because it allows for reduced downtime, enhanced security, and uptime guarantees.

Take Advantage of the ReliableSite Difference

At ReliableSite, we’re happy to offer dedicated servers to suit the unique needs of your legal practice. We set ourselves apart from other dedicated server hosting companies by providing free distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, uptime guarantees, enhanced physical and digital security features, and much more.

We also strive to make the transition to one of our hosting plans as seamless as possible for your firm, so we’re here to help every step of the way. Contact our team today to learn more about our dedicated hosting plans for legal practices; we’re happy to answer any questions you may have!