Dedicated Servers and the Internet of Things

July 2020

These days, more businesses are relying on connected devices than ever. Rather than simply using a network of computers, for example, your organization may begin to utilize tech tools like smartwatches, smart sensors, and other devices that improve efficiency and enhance project management.

However, with a larger number of connected devices also comes some major security concerns that your organization must take seriously in order to safeguard sensitive data. While the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) has relied heavily on the cloud for many years, more organizations are beginning to see how dedicated servers can be useful for IoT platforms and provide solutions to many of the security concerns associated with cloud hosting.

Common IoT Security Concerns

If you rely on cloud hosting, a variety of inherent security issues could put your data at risk. These issues can be compounded when you’re using cloud hosting for an IoT platform because you’re hosting numerous devices on servers that aren’t designed to handle such a workload.

The result? Your business could be at risk for a web attack that compromises your data or causes downtime. And when your organization relies so heavily on your connected devices, even a seemingly small amount of unexpected downtime can grind your business to a halt and cost you a great deal of money. Of course, there’s also the added hit to your reputation that occurs with downtime.

How a Dedicated Server Can Help

If you’re looking for a reliable hosting option for handling your growing IoT platform, it may be time to invest in a dedicated server hosting plan. By utilizing a dedicated server that’s equipped with robust security software and features, you can better manage your connected devices and improve your overall data security. Plus, your organization can reduce the risk of falling victim to a data breach or other unexpected cyber-attack.

As a result, you can enjoy greater peace of mind when you use dedicated servers to handle your IoT platform. This solution also provides the customization that’s needed to manage an evolving IoT infrastructure, as you’ll be able to adjust your server as your needs change to ensure you get the most out of your devices.

Choosing a Dedicated Server for an IoT Platform

Whether your business has just started developing an IoT infrastructure or you already have one set up through a cloud host, now is a great time to consider making the switch to a dedicated server. That way, you can enhance the way you use your IoT devices and protect your business from a variety of digital threats.

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