Dedicated Server Security | We Keep Your Data Physically Secure

August 2015

Data security is a hot topic in the Internet industry and is mostly synonymous with ‘hackers’ getting access through unsecured networks. There are a number of factors to consider to ensure dedicated server security, but physical security is not frequently discussed for hacker protection. If you don’t already know, data center security is a pretty important aspect to consider.

ReliableSite Data Center - Data Security

A view of our Tier 4 data center in the New York City metro area.

Where Dedicated Server Data is at Risk

Consider a company that might house their own dedicated servers. Their I.T. department staff has many tasks to handle and multiple departments to visit. They might create an environment with poor data security even if they don’t mean to.

An alternative environment is a building that was repurposed as a data center, and was not built securely from the ground up. In both situations, human error means you risk losing equipment that you paid for and even worse – data that your business relies on.

The decision makers in a company should ask themselves: how do we keep data physically secured, and then subsequently, how much will it cost to my company if it is not? These are points everyone needs to consider before selecting a data center for your dedicated servers.

It requires preventing an intruder gaining access to your server and other hardware that may bring a dedicated server offline.  You’ll find that ReliableSite maintains a high standard of security at both of its data centers as an added way to keep your servers online 24/7.

Layered Data Security is Key: Mantraps, Biometric Scanners, and More

ReliableSite data centers offer the greatest in physical security practices. The key to data center security is a layered approach. At ReliableSite’s Miami and New York City metro area locations, security and technical personnel are available 24×7 to keep our dedicated servers safe. The check-in area, front windows and loading dock are enclosed in ballistic glass.

Everyone entering the building must use both a biometric and ID card scan. Only pre-planned visitors may enter the building. Biometric data and a card to prevent them from accessing non-approved areas. The interior and exterior of the buildings are monitored with cameras at all times.

Tier-4 Data Center Facilities

ReliableSite utilizes Tier-4 data centers to deliver the ultimate in redundancy. Designed for mission critical applications, Tier-4 centers offer dual fault tolerance (that means two backups) across every component. This includes HVAC, water, uplink, power, and servers. Every component is powered by multiple independent power sources and Tier-4 data centers have multiple backup generators in the event of grid power disruption. This provides protection against unexpected natural occurrences, as well as physical tampering.

ReliableSite is able to offer a 100% uptime SLA through its Tier-4 facilities.

Fire and Wind Resistant Data Center

Our data centers utilize dual-interlock pre-action dry-pipe sprinkler system in order to protect server components from inadvertent sprinkler discharge.  ReliableSite facilities are designed to withstand Category 5 wind standards, which are roughly 157mph. This ensures that in the unlikely event of a natural disaster, our data center facilities are ready to withstand some serious winds.

Tier-4 data centers offer many security features which a typical office building, servers hosted at home, or non-standard data centers usually cannot. More information on our data centers and the unique security features they offer can be found here.