How Dedicated Server Location Can Affect Speed

June 2016

When you’re trying to choose the right dedicated server in New York (or anywhere else), you have a lot of factors to consider. In addition to deciding your budget for a dedicated server, you need to determine how much memory you need, what hardware to use, and other aspects of your server’s performance. However, a couple of other aspects you won’t want to overlook when choosing your ideal dedicated hosting service include latency and distance.

Latency Explained

In simplest terms, latency refers to the amount of time it takes for your server to process a request for objects on a certain page. The higher the latency, the more time it will take for your page to load. For this reason, finding a dedicated server that will help you reduce latency is important, as it will also help to decrease load times and reduce lag.

It can be helpful to gain a better understanding of latency by considering a basic example. Let’s say you’re attempting to load a web page that has 20 different objects (including pictures videos, and other files). If each object takes around 150 milliseconds to load, you’re looking at a minimum of 3 seconds for that page to load. Consider the fact that many pages have several hundred objects to load, and you’ll quickly see why efforts to reduce latency matter so much when choosing a dedicated server.

Why Distance Matters

Of course, a number of other factors can impact server latency, whether you have a dedicated server in Miami (to reach South America) or a dedicated server in New York, but distance is certainly one of the biggest. Generally speaking, the closer a page visitor is to the site’s actual server location, the fewer networks the data will need to pass through, and the faster the objects on the page will load. This is why it often takes longer to load pages on foreign websites than it does to load pages on sites within your own country or region.

For this reason, if you’re looking to ensure quick page loading and minimal lagging, then it’s important to find a dedicated server that prides itself in low latency. Furthermore, finding dedicated hosting that’s in close proximity to your main source of visitors is also helpful. If you’re looking for a dedicated gaming server, for example, then it will make sense to find one that is located as close to your physical gaming location as possible. Doing so will reduce the amount of time that it takes to load objects and thus improve your overall experience.

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