Here’s Why the Location of Your Dedicated Server’s Data Network Matters

July 2017

When you’re shopping around for hosting—whether it’s for a website, blog, eCommerce store, or even for gaming—there’s no denying the fact that speed matters. However, what many people fail to realize as they shop for a dedicated server is that the specific location of the hosting company’s data centers can have a direct impact on their server speed. At ReliableSite, we have three prime data center locations in Miami, Florida, New York City and Los Angeles, California. This allows us to provide low latency to several locations worldwide and a better overall experience, no matter what you’re using our hosting for.

Understanding Location and Latency

So how does location affect latency, and what, exactly, does latency have to do with speed? For starters, latency essentially refers to the amount of lag time that takes place between when you initiate a request for data transfer and when the transfer actually occurs. For example, this is the amount of time that it takes between when you click on a link on your website and when the linked page actually loads. In the time in between, the request is being transferred through the data center at which your dedicated server is hosted.

The farther away your data center is from where your users are located, the higher the latency you’re likely to have. Lower latency will result in faster processing times, which can mean a number of things depending on how you’re using your hosting. For example, if you’re using your dedicated hosting for gaming, low latency will mean less lagging, faster overall game play and better performance. For website owners, lower latency means users will have an easier time navigating your site. They won’t be frustrated with slow page loading times, which will make them more likely to revisit your site in the future or less likely to leave during their initial visit.

As you can see, low latency is important and the best way to ensure low latency (aside from choosing a great hosting company) is to make sure your data centers are centrally located.

ReliableSite’s Prime Data Center Locations

At ReliableSite, we have three excellent data center locations in Miami, New York and L.A. These are prime locations for both local (North America) and global users (South America, Asia and Pacific). Not to mention, our data centers have a number of other features that can help to increase speeds and benefit you and your users. This includes 100% uptime service level agreements for cooling and power, enhanced security at each data center location (including round-the-clock security), and climate control redundancies. We are also proud to include technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to customer with hosting in either location.

If there was ever any question as to the importance of location when it comes to your hosting data center, hopefully that has been cleared up here. To find out more about our data center locations or for help in selecting the dedicated server that is right for you, contact ReliableSite today.