The Value of Dedicated Hosting for Video Editing

November 2022

Whether you’re dabbling in video editing as a hobby or pursuing a career in the field, having access to a reliable server is a must. When it comes to video editing, there are two main hosting options to consider: cloud or shared servers and dedicated servers.

In almost all cases, a dedicated hosting plan will be the better option for video editing. Once you understand the inherent limitations of cloud servers from a video editing standpoint and the benefits of dedicated hosting, you’ll see why.

Limitations of Cloud Servers for Video Editing

There are many potential drawbacks of using a cloud or shared hosting plan for your video editing needs. For starters, video editing software tends to require a great deal of computing and processing power. Unfortunately, cloud and shared hosts cannot reliably deliver this performance, especially when your central processing unit (CPU) and other resources are shared with other users.

Likewise, video files can take up a significant amount of space. If you’re editing and saving large video files, there’s a good chance you’ll run out of storage space on your cloud or shared server pretty quickly. From there, you may find yourself needing to purchase additional storage drives – and those costs will add up.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers for Video Editing

Shared and cloud-based hosting plans are generally not the best for video editing. The good news? A dedicated server host has the resources and reliability you need to edit, save, and export your videos with confidence.

For instance, dedicated servers are ideal for post-production because your server will have the processing power needed to run even the most complex video editing software. From there, you’ll also be able to export higher-quality videos with minimal delay and in the highest resolution possible. Dedicated hosting is also great for streaming live video without losing quality.

A dedicated hosting plan will also have the available storage you need to host all your large video files. Combine this with the ability to back up your data, and it’s easy to see why a dedicated hosting plan is a logical solution for serious video editors. Dedicated hosting backups are also fully remote, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have copies of your video files saved in a secure location.

Finally, a dedicated server can be customized and scaled in ways that shared and cloud-based servers simply cannot. As your video editing needs change, your hosting plan can easily evolve as well. If you’re collaborating with other editors or media professionals, you can use a dedicated server to set up access and permissions with ease.

Ready to Upgrade to Dedicated Hosting?

These are just a handful of the many reasons to consider dedicated hosting for your video editing needs. From the ability to run complex video-editing software to limitless storage accommodations and more, dedicated servers have a lot to offer. While you may pay more for dedicated hosting than you would for a cloud-based or shared server, dedicated hosting provides a better value overall.

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