Choosing Dedicated Hosting for Nonprofits

April 2020

Websites serve a variety of purposes for nonprofit organizations, from educating visitors about the cause to hosting a portal for donations. Therefore, it’s important to choose a reliable, trustworthy hosting company for your charity’s website. You want to ensure your site can handle traffic influxes, is protected against cyber threats, and loads quickly.

Unfortunately, not all hosting solutions are created equal. However, by having a better understanding of what your hosting options are and what to look for, you can make a confident choice that suits your organization.

Understanding Your Hosting Options

As a nonprofit, you may be entitled to free hosting. Many companies offer free shared hosting for organizations that can show proof of their current nonprofit status. However, you should err with caution when it comes to these hosting options. While this type of plan can save your organization money, it might not be very reliable.

If you’re unable to find free hosting, you can also pay for a shared plan. Many nonprofits go this route because shared hosting is quite affordable. This is because the server’s resources are shared with other users. As a result, there may be dozens of sites hosted on the same server – which can harm your page loading speeds in times of high traffic.

Perhaps the best choice for nonprofits is to invest in a dedicated hosting plan. While this solution tends to be the most expensive option available, it’s well worth the cost. With a dedicated server, your website will be the only one hosted on that particular hardware, so you never have to share resources.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server for Nonprofits

Dedicated servers provide a wide array of benefits that can prove advantageous for nonprofits of all kinds. First, because you won’t have to share your resources with other websites, you’ll enjoy fast page loading speeds and reliable uptime. This helps to enhance your site’s user experience, which can boost your organization’s reputation and credibility.

In addition to a faster, more user-friendly website, dedicated hosting also allows you to customize your server completely. This is extremely beneficial for newer organizations that may see significant growth in the near future. Many dedicated hosting plans also offer valuable cyber security services, such as data backups, encryption, and DDoS protection.

Finally, when you work with a dedicated hosting company, you’ll have access to the highest level of customer service. For example, ReliableSite offers 24/7 technical support, so you can get the help you need without delay.

Contact ReliableSite for Effective Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Ultimately, a dedicated hosting company can provide your organization with the reliability, support, and speed that you need when launching a nonprofit website. ReliableSite offers a wide range of dedicated hosting plans to suit your needs, including clearance servers that can help you save money. Additionally, we offer 24/7 customer support from knowledgeable technicians, as well as complete customization and control over your server.

For more information about dedicated servers for nonprofits, or to set up your hosting plan, contact us today!