Dedicated Hosting Data Center Redundancies & Safeguards

May 2014

ReliableSite has been providing high-quality and customer-oriented services since 2006. Since the beginning we’ve recognized the importance of a data center that supports our level of work.

Dedicated Server Data Center

DuPont Fabros Data Center

About Our Data Center

We operate out of the DuPont Fabros data center in the New York City metro area. This location has many great qualities that are passed on to our customers. The area is a major hub for connectivity, which means that customers will experience lower latency to most locations. Data from New York City takes a direct route to major cities in the North America, Europe and South America.

The 360,000 sq. ft. data center boasts N+2 redundant power and cooling, 32 backup generators, our servers and office. The large space ensures adequate space for our company to grow and continue to offer dedicated hosting.

Data Center Uptime

The building doesn’t just provide ample space for our data center. It’s a Tier 4 facility by Telecommunication Industry Association standards. This designation acknowledges that our data center maintains 99.995% uptime along with multiple safeguards against overheating, natural disasters or any human error. To put it into perspective: Tier 3 allows for up to 1.5 hours per month of downtime, while a Tier 4 data center cannot accumulate more than 26.28 minutes.

Don’t worry about that remaining 0.005% though! ReliableSite offers a 100% network uptime, power availability, and cooling availability SLAs through our data center. Again, Tier 4 means we have N+2 redundant power and cooling. In the unlikely event that the computer room AC unit or uninterrupted power supply and generator fail, there are two additional backups of each at our data center. It’s a guarantee for a safe, controlled environment for the servers.

A SSAE 16-SOC I audit also confirmed the data center uses appropriate security measures, fully redundant power sources, fire/water detection and protection. On top of it all, the DuPont Fabros data center is a green building as it was built by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.

The DuPont Fabros data center allows for our own technicians to remain on site 24/7. We know our dedicated servers are behind constant on-site security, as well as bio-metric and key card security.

A good relationship between our company and our data center is vital. Uptime and service guarantees are even more important when it comes down to our dedicated hosting customers. That’s exactly what DuPont Fabros ensures and what we pass on to you.

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