Top Data Backup Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

January 2021

Backing up your data should be a key component of your cybersecurity plan. Unfortunately, when backups aren’t done correctly, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to devastating data loss. By being aware of a few of the most common data backup mistakes and how to avoid them – and by having the right hosting plan in place – you can enjoy a little extra confidence and peace of mind. Let’s take a look!

Not Backing Up to a Remote Location

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with keeping an on-site data backup, you should also have one stored in a third-party location. This is important because if something happens at your place of business (such as a flood that destroys your hardware), you’ll need to make sure you still have a copy of your data saved elsewhere. On its own, an on-site backup isn’t going to do you much good.

Try sticking to the “3-2-1” rule of data backups, which dictates that you should keep three total copies of your data: two in different media forms and one off-site backup.

Not Backing Up Data Frequently Enough

How frequently should you be backing up your data? This depends on several factors, including how often your files change. Ideally, you should back up your data at least once per day. In instances where data is coming in and changing constantly, you may need to back up several times per day for added peace of mind.

Remember, when backing up your data, you’ll want to save to both your on-site and off-site locations.

Not Testing Your Backup Plan

When it comes to data backup best practices, it’s crucial to test your plan and make sure it’s working correctly. Just because your backup procedure worked when you initially set it up, doesn’t mean it’s still functional now. The last thing you need is to lose your primary data, only to find out that your backup strategy hasn’t been working for quite some time.

Make sure you have a specific plan in place to test your data backup, as well as a schedule for frequent testing.

Not Automating Your Backups

Remembering to back up your data can be one of the biggest challenges of all, especially when you have other matters to tend to. This is where setting up automatic data backups can make all the difference. You can schedule your backups to occur daily, a few times per week, or however often best suits your needs.

How a Dedicated Server Can Help

If you’re looking for an off-site data backup option to improve your data security, a dedicated hosting company can help. Dedicated servers provide unrivaled security and customization for all of your data backup needs. 

At ReliableSite, we offer a wide range of dedicated server hosting plans to suit your budget, and we always follow data backup best practices to protect your information. Contact us today to learn more or to start setting up your account!