What is a cPanel Dedicated Server?

August 2019

If you want your server to be easy to manage, cPanel is the perfect tool. cPanel is a graphical, web-based management tool, designed to make the administration of servers and websites as simple as possible. A cPanel dedicated server will provide an easy way to manage hosted resources such as email, FTP, databases, and files. Here’s everything you need to know about cPanel hosting and the advantages of using it.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a very popular, useful web-based utility that makes it possible to manage all aspects of a hosting account. There are dozens of features that can be accessed through cPanel, but some of them are more universally useful than others. Through cPanel, you are able to:

  • Create new email accounts and access these accounts through multiple web mail frameworks.
  • Create and manage FTP accounts, in addition to directly accessing files through a file browser.
  • Check on quota limits, including email quotas, file size quotas, and database quotas.
  • Create, delete, and edit databases, including access to database utilities like phpMyAdmin.
  • Install third-party solutions through one-click install, such as WordPress or other content management systems.
  • Monitor resource usage, including CPU, hard drive, and memory usage.
  • Review error logs, to identify potential bugs within a system or troubleshoot known issues.
  • Analyze traffic, for the purposes of either technological analysis or business marketing.

These are only a few of the features available through cPanel, which is by far the most common and effective tool for managing web hosting accounts.

What is cPanel Hosting?

A cPanel hosting account is an account that comes with the cPanel utility already installed. After you’ve established your hosting account, you can log into your cPanel through a web browser. Your cPanel will report back your current stats, offer account management utilities, and make it easier to maintain your server overall.

A cPanel server or cPanel dedicated server will be more accessible in terms of management. Having cPanel installed doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to manage your account — you can still use direct FTP access and other utilities — but it does make account management more intuitive in general.

The Advantages of Using cPanel

cPanel is a user-friendly system that is beneficial to both advanced users and beginners. Those who have never managed a server before can quickly acclimate to cPanel in order to control their server options. As a commonly used solution, cPanel also assists users when they are transitioning from host to host – even between hosts, the technology that is being used will be very similar.

Further, cPanel has the additional benefit of being cross-platform and easy to launch. Nothing has to be installed to use cPanel, letting users connect to and modify their hosting service from wherever they are.

Finding the Right cPanel Server Host

If you’re looking for server hosting that is cPanel enabled, you’re in luck: many hosting accounts already come with cPanel. If they don’t have it, you can install cPanel yourself — especially if you have a dedicated server or a virtual private server. When deploying a custom dedicated server, you can either have it installed as an option or install it on your own.

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