How Google’s Core Web Vitals Could Impact Dedicated Server Selection

January 2022

In 2020, Google first introduced the concept of “Core Web Vitals,” though website owners and administrators were not largely affected by this change at the time. Recently, however, Google announced that beginning in May 2021, a major update will make Core Web Vitals an important ranking component for websites.

If you host a website and want to rank well on Google, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of what Core Web Vitals entail, why they’re important, and what you can do to optimize yours. That way, you can make the most of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

What Are Google’s Core Web Vitals?

Google’s Core Web Vitals are comprised of a few key components that the search engine believes contribute to an overall positive user experience. These include:

  • Loading time, which refers to the amount of time it takes for a page’s main content to load (anything greater than 2.5 seconds will be flagged as “needs improvement”).
  • Interactivity, which references the amount of time it takes a page to load before becoming interactive for the user (first input delays of over 100 milliseconds will be marked as “needs improvement”).
  • Visual stability, which refers to the amount of unexpected layout shift of a page’s visual content (cumulative layout shifts of over 0.1 will be tagged as “needs improvement”).

These Core Web Vitals will also be considered in combination with things like a site’s mobile-friendliness and security to influence overall page rank. Sites with slow page-loading times, low interactivity scores, and low visual stability may have a harder time ranking than sites with better Core Web Vitals, as determined by Google’s algorithms.

Why Do Core Web Vitals Matter?

What does this mean for the “typical” website owner or administrator? After all, page-loading times have been an essential component of page ranks for many years. More than ever, though, it will be important to focus on these key Core Web Vital metrics – and it’s best not to wait until the May roll out to begin making changes or upgrades.

Failing to focus on improving your site’s Core Web Vitals could result in your rankings plummeting after these changes take place. In some cases, your website could even be de-indexed altogether, which could take a significant toll on your business.

Optimizing Your Core Web Vitals with Dedicated Hosting

So, what steps can you begin taking now to improve your Core Web Vitals ahead of May? Now is an excellent time to consult with an experienced web design team to ensure that your site’s layout is visually stable. From there, upgrading your hosting to a dedicated hosting plan can make a huge difference – especially when it comes to page-loading times, improving interactivity, and enhancing security.

At ReliableSite, we offer a range of dedicated servers to suit your exact needs. Our quality servers can help you follow SEO best practices as they change and evolve, including Google’s new and complex Core Web Vital metrics. You can find out more about our dedicated server hosting options or set up your account today by reaching out to our team.