How to Communicate With Site Visitors During Downtime

December 2018

When selecting a dedicated server for your website, it’s important to choose a server offered through a reputable and reliable hosting company. This way, you can minimize your site’s downtime and keep your site visitors happy. On the other hand, site downtime does occur from time to time; whether it be as a result of planned maintenance or an unforeseen issue, all website owners should know how to properly communicate with their site visitors during periods of downtime.

Take Advantage of Social Media

If your brand has a social media following (which it should!), this is often one of the best ways to get in touch with your site visitors when your site experiences any kind of downtime. Even just a quick post letting your followers know that you’re aware of the situation and working toward a resolution can go a long way in keeping your visitors in the loop.

Send Out an Email Blast

If you have an email list associated with your website, you might also consider sending out a brief email blast letting users know that the site is currently down. If you have an estimated timeframe for when the site is expected to be back up and running, you might also want to include this information in your email.

Let Them Know Ahead of Time, If Possible

Sometimes, downtime is anticipated. For example, if your web host has let you know about planned server maintenance occurring at a specific date and time, you might consider letting your site visitors know ahead of time about the upcoming maintenance. You can post a quick note on the front page of your site, as well as a reminder on social media. This will help visitors anticipate the downtime and will likely reduce the number of comments, inquiries, and complaints you receive as a result.

Respond to Questions and Comments

No matter what the reason for your site’s downtime, keep in mind that your visitors will appreciate your efforts to keep them informed. As much as possible, make time to respond to questions and comments that you may receive via social media, email, or other outlets. Otherwise, your visitors might feel as though you’re trying to sweep the downtime under the rug, which can tarnish your reputation and trust.

Even with the most reliable of servers, your site is going to experience downtime on occasion (even if it’s just for planned server maintenance). Overall, site downtime doesn’t have to be a huge deal so long as you communicate with your site visitors and make efforts to keep them informed throughout the process.

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