Tips for Finding the Cheapest Dedicated Server

July 2018

Has the perceived high cost of dedicated hosting prevented you from getting the dedicated server you’ve always wanted for hosting your website, gaming, or email needs? If so, then you may be surprised to learn just how affordable dedicated hosting can be when you take the time to shop around, explore your options, and select a server that best suits your needs.

Affordable Dedicated Hosting Options From ReliableSite

At ReliableSite, we specialize in offering affordable, quality dedicated hosting options for people just like you. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated server for gaming, hosting your growing website, or running a business email server, we’ve got you covered.

The ability to customize all of our dedicated hosting options makes us one of the most affordable hosting options on the market; since you get to decide exactly how much bandwidth, storage, and other specifications you need for your server, you’re never stuck paying for more than what you need.

Consider a Clearance Dedicated Server

In addition to already offering some of the most competitive pricing on dedicated hosting, ReliableSite is also proud to offer clearance hosting options for those who want to maximize their savings. Specifically, our clearance servers are heavily discounted and include many of the same features as our non-clearance servers. The only difference is that these servers run on slightly older hardware, which allows you to enjoy substantial savings. All of our clearance servers still come with our service level uptime agreements and many other features, including free standard DDoS protection.

If you’re interested in a clearance server, we encourage you to act quickly. After all, these are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and they generally sell out in very little time. And while discounts are available for the lifetime of the server, we cannot allow clearance server plans to replace your existing service.

Take Advantage of Weekly Promotions and Specials

Another option to consider if you’re looking to save money on your dedicated hosting and find the cheapest server possible is to take advantage of our many promotions and specials; these are generally offered on either a weekly or monthly basis, so we encourage you to check our website frequently to stay on top of our latest offerings!

Furthermore, keep in mind that if you subscribe to our email newsletter, you can enjoy access to special deals and savings before anyone else! We’ll never send spam to your email address, so be sure to sign up today.

Nobody wants to spend more than they need to on their dedicated hosting—and at ReliableSite, we believe you shouldn’t have to. This is why we offer numerous customization options, as well as a wide range of savings opportunities (including clearance servers and regular specials/deals). No matter what type of dedicated hosting you’re looking for, we’re happy to accommodate your needs and budget. Looking for more guidance on choosing the server that’s right for you? Contact our team today; we’d be happy to help!