Case Studies
Dedicated Server Case Study:

What’s important to a hosting provider? Let's take a look at CloudieWeb, which provides cloud servers, VPS (virtual private servers), dedicated servers, web hosting and managed hosting. They offer great hardware and services with extensive support to their customers, including 24/7 live chat and live phone support. The company has primarily hosted their servers and website with ReliableSite since 2014, and has grown like never before. About CloudieWeb CloudieWeb is primarily a “cloud” provider, although they sell more other types of hosting services. Since starting their business with ReliableSite, CloudieWeb has hosted its website and 90% of its services at our New York City metro area data center. Between 2014 and 2015, the company has grown at a rapid pace and ReliableSite's dedicated servers have served as their backbone. The company prides itself on efficiency. By using ReliableSite’s infrastructure and services as the basis of their business, they are avoid major

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Dedicated Server Case Study: Scirra Game Software

Dedicated Server Case Study: Scirra Game Software When London-based brothers Tom and Ashley Gullen started Scirra in May 2011, they needed dedicated servers that would grow with their software company. Their main product, Construct2, already had a following from users on the original Construct platform. ReliableSite has provided dedicated hosting for their high-traffic website, as well as their product downloads and other game-related services from the beginning. "Good quality service is of extreme importance to us,” says Tom, co-founder of Scirra, “and ReliableSite has always provided this to us. Not only is the service great, but it's also excellent value for money when comparing it to other hosts and cloud based services. They give generous amounts of bandwidth and the 1 Gbps ports are brilliant!” About Scirra Scirra is a game development company, where both founders have backgrounds in development and design. Their main software, Construct 2, is a HTML5 game development

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