The Best Dedicated Windows Server Hosting

March 2019

Linux isn’t the only option for dedicated servers — in fact, Windows dedicated hosting is quickly becoming a popular solution. There are many advantages to Windows dedicated servers, both in terms of usability and security. Here are a few reasons why you might choose Windows dedicated hosting, in addition to the advantages that ReliableSite can offer.

The Benefits of a Windows Dedicated Server

Why would you choose a Windows server over a Linux server? There are four main advantages of a Windows server: familiarity, ease-of-use, integration, and security. These advantages make it easier for an organization to leverage the power and resources of a Windows-based system compared to a Linux-based solution.

  • Familiarity. Most people are already familiar with the Windows operating system — while very few are accustomed to Linux desktops. With a Windows dedicated server, it’s easier to manage applications and services. When paired with reliable technical support, a Windows dedicated server can be faster and easier to setup.
  • Ease-of-Use. Windows has intentionally been built to be easy for anyone to use, with most of the system being accessible through a clear, graphical interface. Comparatively, Linux-based dedicated servers have a higher learning curve, and not all companies will want to invest the time in additional employee training.
  • Integration. Windows dedicated servers are particularly useful for companies that are using Windows-based applications and solutions, as they can be more easily integrated into the Windows ecosystem. Windows has been designed so that all of its tools, from its productivity suites to its enterprise management, can be directly integrated together.
  • Security. If dedicated server security is a concern, Windows can help. Windows comes with a number of advanced security solutions, and the security of Windows as a platform is being improved upon over time. With the help of additional features such as free, standard DDoS protection, ReliableSite can further help you secure your dedicated Windows server.

While Linux servers are often just as powerful as Windows servers, they do often require additional configuration and training. If your organization isn’t well-versed in the use of Linux dedicated servers, this could ultimately lead to issues with configuration, maintenance, and security. Windows makes it easier to launch a dedicated server, which in turn makes it easier to manage a dedicated server correctly.

Finding the Right Windows Dedicated Server Host

When looking for the right hosting solution, focus on a hosting solution that will provide the best technical support, customer support, and uptime. ReliableSite provides 24/7 customer and technical support, in addition to a 100% uptime SLA. With the right support and uptime, you can focus on running your business — rather than spending your own time managing your website.

Are you interested in a dedicated Windows server? We offer everything that you need to get started with dedicated Windows server hosting today. Through ReliableSite, you can get the features that you want paired with the reliability you need. Contact ReliableSite today to get started — or to find out more about why a Windows server might be the right solution for you.