AMD Ryzen Processors for Dedicated Servers: Why Are They So Popular?

January 2022

When you’re exploring your dedicated hosting options, there are many different factors to consider. From the amount and type of storage available to bandwidth allowances and everything in between, selecting the right dedicated hosting plan requires careful thought and analysis.

However, one aspect of your dedicated server that you won’t want to overlook is its processor. After all, your processor, also referred to as a central processing unit (CPU), is responsible for processing data, executing program/application commands, and much more. 

As you explore your options for brands and types of processors, you’ll likely come across AMD Ryzen processors. While these types were previously associated with desktop computers, the reality is that they’re being used more often in dedicated hosting — and for good reason.

Benefits of AMD Ryzen Processors in Dedicated Hosting

If you’re presented with the option of choosing an AMD Ryzen processor for your dedicated server host, you may want to take advantage. After all, there are many benefits of using this type of processor in your server. This processor line is mainly known for its incredible performance, especially compared to other processors (including the Intel and Xeon lines).

Depending on the specific AMD Ryzen processor you end up choosing, you can enjoy advantages such as enhanced speed and scalability — even under challenging workloads. Meanwhile, these processors are known for their energy efficiency; they put out a smaller carbon footprint than many other types of processors without sacrificing performance in the process.

Last but certainly not least, AMD Ryzen processors come with an integrated platform security processor that can cut down on server vulnerabilities and give you some added peace of mind against malicious files and attacks.

Available AMD Ryzen Processors From ReliableSite

From a performance and security standpoint, it’s clear that AMD Ryzen processors are a cut above the rest. Looking for a dedicated server host that offers AMD Ryzen processors with its hosting plans? If so, then look no further than ReliableSite!

Here, you’ll find many different types of processors, including the most innovative AMD Ryzen solutions. The AMD Ryzen 5950X is a popular option, offering a clock speed of 3.4 Ghz x32 and a 64 MB cache to boot. This processor improves upon the previous generations with a 20% increase in performance and is compatible with the latest generation DDR4 memory. 

For your added convenience, the 5950X is available as a rapid deploy server, meaning you can have it set up and ready to perform in a matter of 10 minutes or less. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Ready to Set Up Your Dedicated Server?

When performance matters, a dedicated server with an AMD Ryzen processor is ready to deliver. ReliableSite is proud to offer the AMD Ryzen 5950X in a 128GB rapid deploy server. Want to find out more about this hosting solution or get started in setting up your server today? Contact our team of knowledgeable and friendly hosting specialists. We’d love to help you get started with a dedicated server powered by an AMD Ryzen processor!